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3 Zodiacs Who Should Prioritize Self-Care On The 5/23 Full Moon


You’re in an introspective mood during this period. May’s Full Moon in Sagittarius will be illuminating your eighth house of transformation, death, intimacy, shared resources, secrets, power struggles, and fears. A rebirth awaits you. This lunation beckons you to reflect on a lot of things—security within your closest relationships, all the changes occurring in your life and within you, personal and financial investments, your connection with your partner, all the realities you’ve been avoiding. You’re feeling extra vulnerable and pensive as hidden desires and dark truths come to light. It’s important that you take the time alone to reflect and prioritize your well-being. The need is emerging to embrace parts of you that you’ve kept from the world. Meditate on how you can rid yourself of your fear of speaking your truth, expressing your vulnerabilities, and releasing old baggage. Be gentle with yourself, as it’s highly likely that you’ll be confronted with old emotional wounds. Sitting with your feelings is the first step in letting go. 


Happy Full Moon, Sagittarius! This one is in your sign, which means you’re the zodiac who’s going to more powerfully feel its effects. Your emotional sensitivity is going to be extremely heightened during this time, so you’d benefit from prioritizing your self-care and practicing staying gentle to yourself. Give yourself grace and don’t beat yourself up for any feelings that may arise. You may observe imbalances in your relationships, transformative insights, and readjustments you need to make in where you invest your energy. Since it’s transiting through your first house, this lunation also offers an excellent opportunity for growth and expansion. Take the time to think of new beginnings, reflect on how to approach your goals, consider inviting more adventure and new experiences into your life, and brainstorm how to attract new opportunities. As you undergo personal revelations, ask yourself how you can incorporate them into your life in order to step into a more authentic, liberated, and empowered version of yourself. Rest up and take care of your well-being. After the Full Moon passes, practice asserting your passions, needs, desires, and boundaries. 


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is giving you a strong need to spend time alone and withdraw from the world. Your twelfth house of healing, solitude, spirituality, subconscious, fears, dreams, and hidden desires is being activated. It’s crucial that you prioritize yourself during this Full Moon and give yourself that solitude you’re craving for self-reflection. Step back from your daily routine and your everyday work. Carve out time for rest and rejuvenation, instead. Spend that time doing whatever it is you need—meditating, journaling, dreaming, feeling, relaxing, recharging, or simply just existing. Be receptive to any messages you’re receiving from the Universe and from within your spirit. Practice mindfulness and brainstorm on changes you can make to better nurture your soul. Where in your life or with whom do you overextend yourself? What drains you? Are there things or people that leave you wanting for more? How can you make more time for what inspires you or the things you’re passionate about? In what direction is your intuition guiding you?