Наталья Хоменко

3 Zodiacs Who Will Meet Their Karmic Soulmates This September

A karmic soulmate is someone we’ve shared many of our past lives with. We reincarnate with these karmic soulmates because we have “unfinished business” and energetic ties that need to be resolved. Just like a twin flame, there tends to be an underlying purpose to a karmic soulmate but these relationships tend to be far more destructive and turbulent. Here are 3 zodiacs who are about to meet their karmic soulmate this fall:


You’ve probably been so focused on your career you haven’t even thought about love. But there’s a karmic soulmate you’re about to meet who seemingly matches all the characteristics you’re looking for in a partner and you’ll likely meet them at work or at another ambitious venture you’re taking on. Be careful, though: they aren’t who they say they are, and they can disrupt your goals if you become too infatuated and obsessed with them. But they will also serve as a catalyst for your growth so long as you pay heed to the important life lessons. Use this experience as fuel for the inner work you have to do on self-love and boundaries – this will ensure you’ll come out on top no matter what happens. 


Aquarius, you’re a busy bee. You’ve been having a lot of dreams of past lives lately, and you’re not sure who you’re meant to be with. Not only are you meeting your karmic soulmate soon, the stars say you’ll also be reuniting with your twin flame before the end of the year. You’ve got a lot on your plate and a lot of change coming your way. You’ll be faced with the challenge of understanding what a true partnership looks like and how to hold onto your independence as you begin to merge with another. This is the perfect time to distinguish between who looks like they’re in your corner and the person who genuinely supports you. Remember to follow your heart and not just your head. Don’t settle down with “right now” when the best is yet to come. Who looks good for you on paper is nothing compared to the twin flame who will satisfy you fully and merge with your soul. 


You may have had prophetic dreams or tugs at your intuition that something major is about to shift. Well, it’s true. Your karmic soulmate is likely a person you’ll meet at a social gathering – someone who seems to be too good to be true and who stimulates you on every level. Someone who seems extra attentive and affectionate to your needs and always seems to be in constant contact. And unfortunately, they are too good to be true. Your romantic and gentle nature may not be able to handle the brutal truth about manipulators who mask themselves well, but this is an important lesson to learn. Always remember that not everything is what it seems, and if anyone is promising you a future that they don’t intend to ever carry out, you’d be wise not betting on that future until you have more information.