Anna Pou

3 Zodiacs Who Would Be Happier Single Than Settling for Half-Hearted Love This Valentine’s Day 

Sometimes loving and choosing ourselves is better than settling for a half-hearted love that gives you less than what you deserve. Here are three zodiacs most likely to be happier single than settling for half-hearted, bare minimum love this Valentine’s Day.


Toxic relationships have pulled on your heartstrings this year, Cancer. You deserve better than false promises and lackluster effort. You deserve a love that soothes your soul, exhilarates your mind, and makes your heart sing. This Valentine’s Day, if you’re not already with a genuinely loving partner, you’ll realize it’s better to be happy on your own than to settle for bare minimum crumbs or half-hearted love. 


You put aside your avoidance of commitment just to commit to half-hearted partners who weren’t meeting you halfway. It’s time to pursue bliss on your own terms and stop pleasing those who refuse to please you. Put yourself on the pedestal and stop chasing those who refuse to see how amazing you are. This Valentine’s Day, if you’ve been dealing with toxic partners, you will stop settling for half-hearted love and start loving yourself.


For such a multifaceted sign, love has put you in quite the funk, and your laser focus has been on how love has disappointed you. Your frustration with the half-hearted efforts you’ve received have pushed you to take off the rose-colored glasses to see the red flags more clearly. This Valentine’s Day, you’ll likely choose yourself over a half-hearted love that will not fulfill you, opening yourself up to true love in the long-term.