Danik Prihodko

3 Zodiacs Whose Enemies Will Experience Instant Karma This December

Sometimes karma works for the greater good, checking toxic people before they harm more innocent people. These zodiac signs will witness their enemies experience instant karma in December as the tables turn in their favor.


All’s fair in love and war, Sagittarius, and your ancestors, spirit guides, goddesses and angels do not mess around when it comes to you. You never have to lift a finger for karma to pull all the strings and turn the tables in your favor. Put down the bow and arrow and simply sit back and relax – while watching the universe conspire in your favor against those who plot against you. Expect your naysayers and enemies to learn a tough but much needed life lesson this December when it comes to trying to sabotage a “chosen one.” They will finally understand that not all actions are free of healthy consequences. Energy that was meant to destroy you will be used to fuel you and catapult you into greater heights of victory in 2024 and your enemies will watch from afar as you succeed beyond what they ever could. You were meant to thrive and succeed so don’t allow anyone to damper your spirit during this holiday season and coming New Year. 


Tsk, tsk, Capricorn. You’ve been allowing your self-doubt and rumination to get in the way of your manifestations. You’ve allowed people to steamroll you for far too long in the name of keeping the peace. We know deep down that a strong sign like you doesn’t put up with bullies. It’s time to stop playing the people pleaser and start getting reconnected to your true nature. You were always meant to be a living, breathing, ball-busting reality check for those who prey on the innocent. Lucky for you, you won’t have to do much work this time. Expect to hear news about karma hitting the same people who looked down on you not too long ago in ways that seem too good to be true. Don’t worry: this is for the greater good. Sometimes toxic people just need to learn a lesson in what it means to watch the underdog come out on top. 


We’re really proud of you, Gemini. This year you’ve given people a lot of grace and leeway. You could have spent the whole year complaining about the unjust woes you were subjected to but instead you put yourself to work and channeled everything productively. But now it’s time to remember your boundaries and be rewarded for your patience. The universe has your back and is here to support you with whatever you desire and need. This December, enjoy a special holiday show of your enemies getting what they’ve reaped all year. These types of people have been needed to be checked by the Universe for a while now, but you’ve played the sacrificial lamb protecting them for far too long. The universe always gives second chances, but there are limits to harming good people who deserved better. Retract your energy from your enemies and watch them deflate as you soar into the new year.