3 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To The Akashic Records

In spiritual philosophies, the Akashic records are said to be an energetic record of past, present and future. It is a vast mental “library” of all that has ever been and all that ever will be – every lifetime, every soul, all the universal thoughts and emotions that have ever occurred in human consciousness. Imagine a figurative, invisible, energetic supercomputer that stores all this information – this is the Akashic records, and it is said to help you gain insight into your current soul’s path, giving you wisdom about your past lives, ancestral wounds, karmic debts, and future events. Your personal “Akashic records” includes all your incarnations throughout your own soul’s journey, and you can often access it through deep meditation where you ask questions about your specific journey or using an intuitive reader who specializes in “reading” your specific record. Here are three zodiacs with the strongest connection to and access to the Akashic records. 


As one of the signs who has the most powerful access to vast esoteric knowledge about the spiritual realm, it’s no wonder you are inherently connected to the Akashic records through your keen psychic intuition and ability to communicate with higher spiritual realms. You often gain flashes of insight in meditation that inform you of the nature of your past lives, and future events. You have a direct channel to the divine which also gives you the laser-focused wisdom you need at just the right moment to prevent harm from happening to you or those you love. Don’t ignore these harbingers of danger. You are told what could happen in the future, giving you the opportunity to reverse timelines and intervene. You are an earth angel, protecting not just yourself but others from potential danger with the divine guidance you access. 


As one of the most intellectual Zodiacs, you are always on the search for truth, and your thirst for knowledge gives you a strong connection to the Akashic records that lifts your mind and spirits – and helps you navigate life with more ease and discernment with what you learn. Through your strong connection to your soul’s vast journey, you are reminded of who you truly are beyond the human realm and how powerful you are. You have the capacity to create entirely new realities and worlds with your wisdom gained from infinite lifetimes, moving and shifting present events to change the course of the cosmos. You’ve learned time and time again never to ignore your intuition and the guidance of the records because they tell you exactly what is happening, even when you don’t want to know. On the flip side, you also have an incredible connection to abundance through the wisdom you gain from the records, reminding you of lifetimes where you reigned. Ruled by lucky Jupiter, your intuition often paves the pathway to abundantly good fortune and luck, giving you potent inner guidance to what actions to take in order to be victorious. You are frequently given a gateway to blessings by the universe through your inner guidance, and everything seems to come so easily to you.


Ruled by the mystical Neptune, you are granted a seemingly supernatural ability to heal yourself and others. Your access to the Akashic records gives you the spiritual insight needed to raise the vibration of this planet. It also pushes you to be more careful about people who are plotting behind your back, the atrocities that will befall humanity, or whispers about those who wish you harm so you can create a more abundant reality that supports you and others. Your premonitions allow you to identify wolves in sheep’s clothing and warn you with signs of any doom to come so you can be prepared with magical protection or ask for help from your ancestors, spirit guides, and guardian angels. At the same time, your access to the Akashic records allow you to manifest fruitfully, giving you the “lucky numbers” to win the metaphorical lottery, whatever that may be, in your life circumstances, releasing karmic debts and purging past life wounds so you can flow easily through life and into abundance.