30 Men Tell What Questions They’ve Always Wanted To Ask a Woman But Couldn’t Because It Might Sound Weird

1. What Does That Feel Like?

When using bathroom and you see your pad is slightly soiled, does it feel awkward having to put it back against you body?


2. Do You Get Tangled Up?

Ok I go to the gym and see women wear these sports bras that have like 10 straps. While I think that is a cool style I wonder how they put it on and not get tangled in the straps!?


3. Drip or Gush?

With periods is it a gush, a small leak, or more of a drip every so often?


4. Where Does the Deodorant Go?

Do women put deodorant in their boob pits?


5. What’s It Feel Like?

How uncomfortable is it to wear a tampon? How do you know when you have to change it? Do you get some internal sensation that lets you know when it’s time to replace it? Do you time it? How do you know?


6. Bad Women’s Anatomy Concern

Weird one, but it’s been bugging me.

For women with pierced nipples, if you get pregnant and start lactating, does the milk also come out through the piercing holes?

I’m sorry since I feel like this might be a “bad women’s anatomy” sort of question, but it just seems like the milk would come out the sides.


7. Can You Control Your Stream?

I know this is going to seem weird but how do you guys control your pee stream? It’s easy as a guy but I’m not too sure it would be for a woman? Idk it’s a stupid question but I would be happy if I got an answer.


8. Crush Fantasies

Do you have “crushes” on random people you encounter that you don’t really see anything developing with? Like someone you see every day but don’t really talk to for whatever reason?

I don’t mean in a creepy way, I mean, like, “my barista is insanely hot and I fantasize about him even though absolutely nothing is going to happen because of [several very important reasons].”

I assume this happens but have always wondered if it’s more common with men.


9. Do You Get Publicly Aroused?

Do you randomly get sexually aroused in public for no reason at all like men? And if so, does it die down quickly?


10. Dating Intentions

Do women prefer men to be open and direct about their intentions when dating or is there necessity for nuance, subtle signals and such? Like for instance, is it better for men when getting to know a woman they are interested in to say “Hey I like you. I’d love to take you out on a date sometime.” versus being nice and kind of playing a game where both parties try to figure out if the other person likes them. Probably not the best wording but I hope it’s clear enough to understand the idea of what I’m asking.


11. What Turns You Off About a Guy?

What kind of common behavior makes a guy seem creepy or unattractive?


12. Why So Many?

Why is there an overabundance of pillows everywhere? Couches, beds. I get having one or two for comfort. But I’ve seen women with 5+ pillows.


13. How Do You Want To Be Treated Platonically?

When platonic friends with a man, do you want to be treated exactly how he treats his male friends, in terms of tone, the inside jokes and the way time is spent or is there an expectation to be treated differently as a woman? All in the platonic sphere of course.


14. Do Jobs Make a Difference?

Does someone’s job or profession change how attractive you find him?


15. What’s the Deal With Pockets?

Do you want pockets in clothing?


16. Is It a Choice To Smell Good?

I’ve always wondered this, women always smell pleasant. Like noticeably pleasant. Like guys either smell bad or neutral.

Is this an active choice always? I guess do you try to make yourself smell noticeably good all the time?

How do I notice what guys smell like? I’m a dancer and sometimes I dance with guys. I just notice that the women have a more significant smell than guys! Lol 😂😂

I personally put deodorant on so I don’t smell bad but that’s about it.


17. Bra Comfort

How comfortable are bra’s ? Do you think it would be better if u had one that was customized to your eh how do u say it ( boob shape ) ? If yes how much better would that be on a scale of 1 to 10?


18. Does It Matter?

This might’ve been asked previously but are man boobs a deal breaker? I’m not unfit per se, I do workout regularly but I also love food and work a desk job. So I have a dad bod and some man boobs (probably a medical condition). Or is confidence in your body the key with women?


19. A Classic Question…

The good Ole classic question. Does size matter?


20. What Kinds of Compliments Are Safe?

What can we safely compliment? Are all things related to appearance off limits?

I’m not without sufficient imagination about other things to compliment about, but they’re mostly situational. You don’t walk into the office first thing and say something like, “Your ideas are game changing!” as a morning greeting the way you might compliment a new haircut.


21. The Pain

How do you hide your period pain so well?


22. Hold Them In Or Let Them Go?

Do you prefer men hold their farts in around you? Or should we just let them fly?


23. What Do I Need To Know As a Single Girl Dad?

As a single dad to an 11 year old daughter, what are some things I need to be knowledgeable of as she matures?


24. What Got Us To a Dead Bedroom?

What are some things that contribute to a dead bedroom in a long term relationship and what might men do to resolve those issues? (Turn you on, make it more enjoyable for you, etc)

I just want everyone to feel sexually desired again.


25. Man Butts

Do women like booty on guys ? (I go to gym and don’t wanna have a big butt).


26. Laundry or Dinner?

What’s sexier a guy that does your laundry right or someone who cooks you dinner?


27. Vulnerability – Yes or No?

Do you guys like it when men show vulnerability?


28. Sweatpants And a Bulge

When a bulge is visible through shorts or sweatpants, do women find that attractive or disgusting?


29. Boob Sweat

Do you sweat under your boobs? My ball sack can’t survive a hot day without sweating so I need to know. 🤣


30. Got Granny Panties?

Is it true a woman actually keeps at least two pairs of granny panties? I was told every woman at least does.