30 People Talk About What Made Them Decide To Bail On A First Date

1. The Bartender Saved My Ass

She said she was into pool, so we went to a bar to play a couple of games. It was a bar she was a regular at, and at one point about 4 of her friends showed up. The girl I was there with asked if I wanted another beer while they all went to the bar.

After they got a round of drinks and shots, the bartender waved me over, and asked if I wanted them all on my tab, apparently she’d said I was cool with it. I just laughed and shook my head, he said “if you dip right now I’ll handle it, bro”

Never even turned around to look at her, got some wings on the way home, and had a great night.


2. Her Boyfriend’s Friend

Her boyfriend’s buddy saw us and confronted her about it. It was a huge shock because we’d been talking for a few weeks and I thought we were really hitting it off. I told the guy to tell his friend I was sorry and had no idea, got up and left.


3. She Brought A Third Party

She showed up with a friend and was expecting me to cover the tab for both of them.


4. A Live Competition

I think I might hold the world record on this one because I once walked out after pretty much one second.

I matched with a girl on Bumble. I talked to her for a week or so about the usual stuff. Plans for the future, interests and hobbies, those things. I had a weird feeling about her but I couldn’t really put my finger on what it was. Anyway, she actually asked to meet up after a week and already had a time and place in mind. I thought “Wow, someone who actually knows what she wants!” and I said yes on the spot. We didn’t make exact plans what to do (she said we could just come up with stuff on the spot because we were in a big city) and I agreed.

Fast forward to that date. I went to the bus and started heading towards the place where we were supposed to meet up. It was a relatively large open space in the middle of the city and I texted her where exactly we’ll meet there and how I’ll recognize her. About 5 minutes before my bus arrived she started replying that she’s waiting near the bus stop. She however didn’t tell me what she was wearing but instead told me she’s “the girl standing with two ore more other guys”.

I didn’t really get what kind of description that was or who those ‘guys’ are. I joked if she joined some kind of city tour or how did she end up waiting there with other people. Then she started explaining that her plan for this date was that we would hang out as a group. And the group was her and several guys she met on Bumble and Tinder. I asked her that I probably misunderstood what we’re doing here and I thought this was a date, not some kind of meetup. But she just replied that it is a date but it’s just with several guys so we can ‘compete’ for her.

I had no idea what the hell was going on. I just messaged her that I don’t get it. She started explaining about some TV show where guys are all into one girl and she would like vote out one guy after another until only one was left. I just starred at the screen for like a minute or so actually contemplating to go to this weird circus shit that was going on here. My bus stopped and I realized I was there. I walked out, I did see a girl standing there with three guys. I don’t know if she saw me or not, but I just turned around, walked back onto the bus. I blocked her on Bumble and just kept riding that bus until I was back home.

TLDR: Girl on bumble wanted to re-enacting some kind of TV show with me and other guys where we compete for her. I noped out of there.


5. That Turned Quickly

When I was polite to the waitress and she screamed at me ” Would you rather be on a date with her then!?”


6. Using Me For Drinks

She said that she was just there for free drinks…

I’m not joking

She literally said that after 30 minutes or something..


7. One Word Answers

At about the 7 -10 minute mark of one word answers or silence with her head buried in a phone, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left.


8. When They Are On a Date With The Phone

When I was dating I had so many girls spend more time on their phones than talking to me I use to just start carrying cash to the date. If she spent more time on the phone than talking to me I just dropped some on the table and walked out.


9. Not The Same Girl

When I realized she wasn’t the one in the picture from the dating site.


10. An Awkward Jealousy With The Waitress

We were at a restaurant and the waitress came over and gave the standard greeting “welcome to….. can I start you off with some drinks.” I order a water and a drink and then looked at my date and said and whatever she is getting. My date then looked at me, looked at the waitress, looked back at me with a confused look on her face. So I asked was she okay or need more time to look? My date then clears her throat and ask me if I knew the waitress. I said no why, the date then went on a rant on why the waitress was talking to me and looking my direction when she should only be talking to and looking at her. I was shocked and was like, what? She then goes on about how if me and the waitress has something going on just let her know now. At this point I looked at the waitress and told her to cancel my drink order, apologized to her, then I got up and left. When I got to my car I blocked the dates number and everything.


11. Blocked Me In Front Of Me

First date, we’re meeting at a new pizza place in town. She tells me to get out of my car first. She then sees me and laughs going; “that’s your tiny ass car?”

We’re in line to create our own pizza, we’re talking, mid conversation she pulls out her phone and blocks me on Tinder and Snap visibly in front of me.

Walked out in the middle of our dinner as she’s asking me where I’m going

Edit: for everyone asking my first car was a 06 Scion xA.


12. The Selfie Queen

She would not stop texting and taking selfies. After the fifth selfie, I got up and said I’m gonna leave.


13. Drunk Driving

Me and this girl had plans to go to a small indoor blue grass concert. So I drove over to her place and when I arrived she told me plans had changed and that her friends were driving. Cool I can have a drink at the show. Friend shows up honks the horn and we run out and jump into the car. 5 mins into the drive I noticed driver is driving really fast and swerving. I tell her it’s okay if we show up late we will get there when we get there. About this time I notice the slur in her speech. I looked at my date and I whisper to her if driver has been drinking. She told me they were day drinking all day. I almost yelled you knew this?? She said yes and didn’t know what the big deal was all about. I ask the driver to pull over on the hwy I want out. She refused and my date told driver to ignore me. We get to the show safely. I called a cab and left. Didn’t say a word to anyone.


14. Mocking My Real Job

Throughout the dinner date she made fun of me and being condescending for having a job while she’s an aspiring entrepreneur whose gonna build her own empire.


15. Drunk On Arrival

We ended up at the police station. We closed down the restaurant where we were eating, and we were going to a bar for some drinks. She got pulled over on the way, and failed her field sobriety test. I was waiting in my car, saw her get put in handcuffs, I was in the middle of mouthing WTF when the cop made me get out and do a field sobriety test (which I obviously passed), then made me come to the police station with them. She evidently showed up hammered to the date. There were a couple of red flags but I had chalked it up to first date butterflies.


16. I’m Not The Father

When I went to pick her up she introduced me to her 3 year old son as “dad.”


17. Plot Twist

Late to the party but halfway through the date (she asked me out), “I’m an escort so if you wanted to fuck me I would have to charge.”


18. Catfished In Person

I had a woman call me and insisted I gave her my number one night when I was bartending a small music venue during a concert. The name and description didnt sound familiar, but we chatted for a few nights and decided to meet. I will call her Bonnie.

We met up at a bar in her part of town. Bonnie looked a little familiar but not someone I would had given my number to. She was totally not my type. But I decided to not be rude and gave the one date a chance. Somewhere in the course of the evening we started sharing pics from our phone. “here is my dog”, “here is my son”, “here is me in Vegas” etc.

Then Bonnie showed me a pic “this is me and my best friend Sarah”. I looked and Sarah looked very familiar. Sarah WAS my type and I totally remember chatting it up with her and gave her my number. Then it occurred to me that Bonnie was the woman standing behind Sarah the whole time just minding her own business the night I gave my number out at my place of work. Basically her best friend Sarah catfished me in person on behalf of her friend. I left.


19. Her Parents Were Stalkers

So I didn’t technically walk out or anything but I made sure it ended fast. Girl is 26 and I’m just giving her a ride to her car like two parking lots away towards the end of the date. Her phone is ringing and when she answers I can hear her mom yelling at her saying “Get out of that car now!” The girl tried to play it off but I heard clearly so I said “Let’s get out and I’ll walk you there.” Her parents had been spying on our date… she’s 26. I felt so bad and so much second hand embarrassment but I was creeped out. I couldn’t give her a second date even though she wanted one, and still wanted a kiss after I walked her to her car. It was so depressing. I just can’t deal with weirdo parents like that at this age.


20. Catfished And She Ate My Food

Got a bit catfished, old pics or something. She showed up much bigger than her pics. I’m not shallow so I just said “shit happens” and continued the date. I don’t really mind a little weight but it was a shock.

No conversation skills, no interest. We are at a super pricey Italian place (50+ a plate). I go to the bathroom and come back. She had eaten her dish and was digging into mine. Just deadeyes at me as I approached.

I paid half and just left, it was a weird fucking night.

She called me later and freaked out on me for leaving her half the bill.


21. She Dropped A Bomb

After kissed she said ‘actually I’m married.’


22. The Puppet In Her Purse

When she pulled a puppet out of her handbag and it was the puppet’s birthday.


23. A Scary Admission

She told me she starved her pet hamster so she could get a dog when she was in high school because her parents wouldn’t let her have multiple pets and she laughed while telling me about it…


24. Texting Her FL

My time to shine.

Met this girl on instagram, she was super attractive, athletic, funny, and really extroverted. We lived in the same area, surprisingly, 2 streets down from me. It was a Win win!

We talked for a while, flirted etc and scheduled a lil date at the park. She agreed to go out. I walk by her house, picked her up and started heading to the park, as we were walking, she was on her phone constantly, smiling and laughing at whatever messages she was getting . But I Didn’t think too much of it, probably texting her family or friends. Whatever. When we got to the park We sat and start talking, as we were discussing things, I noticed she kept getting notifications every 2 mins and she would constantly text back and forth leaving a pause to our conversation.

20 mins later through our date, she gets another notification, and this time I asked her “who you texting?”

She said “Oh I’m just texting my FL” I asked “what’s an FL??” She said “ I’m texting my first Love”

I said “ah ok, that explains it” Got up, and left. Got back home, blocked her, and never spoke to her again. Bullet dodged

Edit: she texted me through Instagram on another account trying to convince me they’re not together anymore and they’re just friends. Yeah, friends my ass.


25. A Group Date

I was meeting her and her sister to watch a soccer game (we couldn’t find a time we were both free so this made sense). I showed up and she had 6 friends at the table and my seat was crammed in the corner. I took one look, assessed, and left.

Edit: I first went to the bathroom so I could take a second to think. Realized I didn’t want to waste my time or energy. Also didn’t want to have to go and explain myself to a whole table. So I texted her that it wasn’t what I had in mind and I was leaving. She texted something nasty back so I deleted it, blocked her, and moved on.


26. Boring Walk and Talk

“You wanna get some coke? I know a guy and no offense but this is boring.”

20 minutes into a coffee ‘walk and talk’ date she requested because anything more complicated (like mini golf) was too much of a commitment.

Edit: Not my thing so I wished her good luck and have fun. There’s always the possibility this was a signal of ‘let’s do more stuff together’ but it didn’t read that way in the moment. It read like someone who just remembered their next cigarette break is in 15 minutes. Yes she was very attractive, IMO, though I wouldn’t call her what you did.


27. Couldn’t Take a Tall Joke

Context: I’m 6’6 the girl is 6’3. Yes we’re both tall!

5 mins into the date someone makes the standard “wow you guys would have nba players if you had kids” comment. No biggie brushed off, lold and move on.

20 mins later she asks how I felt about that joke. I said I thought it was funny. She goes “I think it’s fucked up you didn’t stand up for me” “how does that lady know we’re having sex?” (We weren’t btw). “What if I don’t want kids?”

I could see this took a turn I didn’t expect so I was trying to be rational and say it was a joke and we’re both giants so if we hang out people are going to make those jokes.

I kid you not, subject changed, we moved on. Date is going great and a customer makes a similar comment and she loses her shit and gets us kicked out of the restaurant.


28. Rude Joking

Invited to a college party by someone who was interested in me. She and a roommate of her started making fun of a math professor at our college. The professor had intractable diabetes, leading to amputation of both legs, and blindness. He could have gone on disability, but continued to teach. The young ladies were making fun of his difficulties in writing out questions on a blackboard. They did not know that the professor was a social friend of mine. I admired his drive and persistence, and courage. As soon as they started trashing him, I got my coat and left. A couple of days later, she called and asked if something was wrong. I just told her, “I think that you and I have very different outlooks on life.”


29. Picky and Rude

The woman wanted everything custom made at the restaurant…..everything on the side, “make sure it’s fresh” kinda thing and was extremely snotty to the waiter….treating him as a lower class citizen. I got up excused myself, caught the waiter cancelled my order, slipped him a $20 and walked out. How a person behaves to other people on a date is an indication of how they will treat you when they know you better.


30. Badmouthing Everyone

Met this girl on a dating app. Her profile was absolutely stunning. After two weeks of talking, we meet up for coffee. She was still absolutely stunning. First thing out of her mouth was “that dumb bitch spelled my name wrong”, referring to a barista who made her coffee. I decide to sit down anyway. Within the first 10 minutes, she bad mouthed the barista and coffee shop, her sister in law and new nephew, and her ex boyfriend. Then she got “jealous” because the barista brought out my coffee order and smiled at me. As the barista walked away, she said “keep it in your pants, why don’t you?”. The barista looked so embarrassed and confused. Not even a minute later, I thanked her for her time and told her I was not interested. I paid for our coffees (left a big tip for the barista) and left. The next day she texted me as if we dated for years and just broke up. “I miss you”, “I love you”, “I don’t know how to get through life without you”, “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, etc.. I blocked her but really do feel bad for her. She’s obviously super broken.