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30 Women Discuss What They Find Most Confusing About Men

1. Why Not Just Go To the Doctor?

Their refusal to see a doctor, even if they have the means. “Um, your leg has fallen off.” “Tis but a scratch.”


2. It’s All In the Details

Why men rarely ask for further detail.

Husband and friend make plans to have a games night, starting 5pm at friend’s place. That’s all the info covered.

Should we bring any games?

It is at dinner time, are we eating there?

Are we meant to bring food? How many people are we feeding?

Who is going to be there?

Nothing. He knows nothing.


3. But, Why?

Hey I don’t want to nag but can you take out of the trash?

Him: yep!

Me: sees trash there next day.


4. Why Insult Each Other?

In Dutch guys call each other pik, which in English means dick. But they say it in a friendly way, because they’re mates. Why call each other dick?


5. My Home is Your Home

My wife says she never understood how my friend walks into the apartment and goes straight to the kitchen and grabs stuff to eat/drink like it’s his own home. On top of it I don’t give af. She says she could never do with her girl friends.


6. Clueless

How little they know about their friends. My husband was friends with a guy for years and didn’t know how old he was.


7. Just Ask For Help

How they absolutely refuse to ask for help. Back when we had no smartphones we were trying to find my friend’s street and this guy I was with preferred to walk aimlessly for 30 minutes before I had enough and dared to ask someone for directions.


8. Channel Surfing

Scrolls through channels on tv

Sees movie

Does not know when it started, has zero context about the plot

Watches the rest of the movie anyway.


9. Secret Handshakes

Those handshakes you do. How do you coordinate it?? it baffles me.


10. Mental Neutral

Apparently men can go into mental “neutral” and not think about anything. If this is true, how the fuck does that even work.

Also, hands in pants when watching TV/relaxing. Don’t get it.


11. The Gift Getting Vibe

Why are guys so apprehensive about receiving gifts? Buddy I found a cool pair of socks that looks like a shark is eating your foot, and I paid next to nothing for it. Why do you have to act like you now have to pay for my college tuition? Can I not just gift guys things for fun?


12. The Skinny Jeans Mystery

When you guys wear skinny jeans…where tf does your dick go? Like, not sexually but as a concerned person. Does that get tucked or something? Wouldn’t that hurt when you take off your jeans at the end of the day?


13. Why the Expensive Stuff?

He uses my expensive shampoo to wash his whole body when there is a bar of soap RIGHT THERE.


14. I Promise You, It’s There

How I can tell my husband where something is, and he can look right at it and say (with certainty), “it’s not there.”


15. Why Bother?

A guy asked my friend for her number. He never called. Something similar happened to me. Why even bother getting someone’s phone number?


16. Just Clean It Up

shaves “Did you clean the sink?” “Yep”

looks in sink what the fuuuuck


17. Do You Like Her or Not?

Whether or not they’re into a woman. Swear to god one day they can display evidence of attraction then the next it’s like a switch went off and they want nothing to do with you. I’ve realized over the years sometimes it’s just a bad day for them and not about me at all. However I still can’t read them lol


18. Don’t Hide It

Why they hide the fact that they are obsessed with hugs and other platonic forms of physical affection.


19. The Amount of Time in the Bathroom

Why does it take you so long to poop?

Do you not have enough fiber in your diet? Are man poops unfathomably large to a woman and just take so much effort to pass? Maybe you’re just sitting there playing on your phone?

Most men I’ve met spend at least half an hour each time pooping. If a woman spent a half an hour on the toilet, you’d be worried she passed out in there or something.


20. From Enemies to Friends

That guys can go from fighting and beating each other up to suddenly being back to friends, are you guys really friends? is it just taking frustration out on each other? what is it and how?


21. Communication With Friends

How men and their male friends don’t really talk about anything important going on in their lives with one another? They will go through the worst heart break of their lives and not say anything about it. They don’t communicate about major life events or ask each other deep questions. Only always talking about surface level shit like music or fishing and it baffles me????


22. To Play With Them or Not

Your nipples. Do you want me to play with them or not?


23. They Can Just Turn It All Off

How they can think about nothing. My brain thinks of 5 millions things 24/7 and I wish I knew the secret to turning it off.


24. What’s the Issue?

Why are guys so apprehensive about getting feminine products for their daughter, wife, girlfriend, etc.?


25. How is it Possible?

You come over everyday, want to hold my hand, touch me, kiss me, dance in the kitchen together while cooking our dinner, tell me your secrets and dreams, have passionate sex but claim you don’t have any feelings for me?


26. Skin Issues

When their skin is crusty and breaking out but refuse to use skin care products like facial masks to fix it because they find it too feminine? Like buddy, everyone has skin it’s no big deal using these products.


27. Poking the Belly Button

When you poke a Man’s bellybutton he feels it in his penis.


28. Not on the Same Page

Why they are only into me when I’m completely indifferent to them and are 0% into me when I actually like them.


29. Saying What They Mean

How they say exactly what they mean. What kind of game is that?


30. The Need for Mystery

How they feel the need to be secretive. Even if its no big deal, they often feel the need to seem like they are “cool” and “mysterious.”