30 Women Talk About The Things Men Write On Their Dating Profiles That Are Instant Deal Breakers For Them

1. Fake Bills

When men list, “Makin $$$”, under profession. I don’t understand are they printing out counterfeit bills?


2. You’re Not Too Good

Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on [insert dating site here]. If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.


3. Oh, The Lies

“I don’t even know why I’m on here.” ….why you lyin’?

“This is so dumb, deleting soon. Add me on Snapchat @fckboi212”

“My friends made me get this.”


4. Redneck Romeo

If I see “I can be your redneck Romeo” one more time.

Also, hearing about their ex/ bad breakup. Or “if I read your profile and like what I see, I may reply to your message”. Chill out there Narcissist Ned.


5. Inappropriate First Message

Not on the profile, but when they msg you out of nowhere and the first thing they say is sexual. I legitimately had a guy msg me, “I want to shoot in your mouth” as a first msg. Never saw or heard from the guy before and THAT’S how he thinks it would be appropriate to start a conversation. I mean really. Edit: this did not happen on tinder.


6. HMU

God🙏🏽 family👪 ball🏀 grind💰 gains💪🏽 goals🔥 hmu 😉

for you geezers… hmu stands for “hit me up”


7. I’m Not Really 19

“Get at me ! “

“Just chillin hmu”

A list of emojis I’m supposed to decipher that explain who you are

“420 is my middle name” (not against it, just don’t care for it IMO)

“I’m really 19 not sure why it says 26 haha ;)”

Edit: Oh, and I just saw one that simply says, “My dick is 9″ I’ll prove it ;)”


8. Women Are Crazy

Putting a quote in their bio about how most women are crazy and how he’s looking for a woman who isn’t crazy.


9. Bad Grammar

Bad grammar. Saying you like to party as if that’s your favorite hobby. That weird review thing they do like “best guy ever – the times” or something.


10. Unfortunate Camera Angle

Okay I haven’t seen this yet but when guys take a picture of themselves where the camera is angled UP at their face from their lap?? Nothing is more unattractive than a guys sudden double chin and uninterested glare, it’s the worst angle for anyone! It’s the same look women get if they look up while giving a blow job. It’s not the best way to show off your face, guys.


11. Big Truck

“My truck is the most important thing in the world.” BYE


12. Seeking a PIC

Leaving it blank is the worst.

I’m also sick of guys looking for a partner in crime. Don’t say it unless you really mean it!


13. Don’t Message Me If…

This is from a guy who messaged me about all the “red flags” on my profile. This is what he said.

You are probably boring so you should at least be able to have a conversation. I would rather talk on the phone than text so it’s sad that nobody here can hold a conversation. I know how chicks are on their phones.

Do not message me if you are not at least average in the looks department. Today alone I seen a chick who looked like Chris Farley and another that looked like eggman. Do not message me if you’re highly attractive because I don’t deal with high maintenance women and I’m not your piggy bank. Do not message me if you have children, I refuse to raise somebody else’s cumstain and again I am not your piggy bank.

Do not message me if you were a slut in the past. Shopping for a woman is like shopping for a car. Ideally we all want a new one, but if you have to settle for a used one obviously you want the one with lower mileage.

You should probably be shorter than me. Also preferably younger. You do not have to be smart and actually I would prefer you weren’t because I want a woman who brings a different perspective to the table.

I am not looking for a woman who thinks she can boss me around. I am however looking for someone who is emotionally supportive and can help keep me in check when I lose my cool.

I like to get absorbed in projects and have a tendency to ignore you, so if you’re persistent in getting the attention you want that helps.

You can’t expect me to do everything for you. A relationship is a two way street.

Don’t message me if you aren’t loyal. I’ll drop you instantly.

I’m not going to talk about myself. Do a little work to find out for yourself if you’re good for anything.


14. Total Red Flag

“Keep me in check when I lose my cool.”

That’s the largest red flag in the history of red flags.


15. The Hostility

“No drama or liars!”

“My kid comes first. You don’t like that, tough.”

So hostile…


16. Shirtless Bathroom Pic

The shirtless pic of you in your bathroom mirror.

The group picture with no indication of who you are – I’ll assume you are the least attractive person in that picture and you are trying to use your more attractive friends to get me to click on your profile (frequently that seems to be the case). That irritates me since it feels like you are trying to pull a bait and switch.

edit: So apparently the group thing is something women are also guilty of. I’m sure it is irritating regardless of gender. That being said, a group picture is fine so long as it is not your main picture or the only picture of you that exists on the profile.


17. The Unwanted List

Really any list of people you don’t want to date. It just makes you look like an asshole…just filter out who you don’t want.

Admittedly I haven’t been single in two years so I’m not sure if men are still doing that, but if they are, stop it.


18. Why Don’t You Just Ask?

About me: “Just ask”

Likes: “Idk, lots of stuff lol”

Either that, or “I’m a true gentleman just looking for a real lady.” Self-proclaimed gentleman are usually damaged, doormats, or wish reality was like TV-1950s.

But the worst – the actual worst – only reveal themselves after you start messaging. The ones who make you carry the whole conversation. They never ask questions, even when they were the ones who initiated, and they give one-sentence answers. The worst.


19. Nevermind Then

“That’s not my dog” Disappointment in one sentence.


20. No Thanks

“Looking for my queen”

Fuck off with that.


21. Rules

I’m most turned off by men that have a very specific set of “rules” or “priorities”. It makes it sound like they’re saying “this is the space in my life that you are expected to fill, don’t deviate from this.”

I was most attracted to a man that had a profile that described himself humbly and with humor. I was also very drawn to the profile picture with a big friendly smile. It felt like he was showing me his authentic self. Getting married next year. 🙂


22. The Nice Guy

“I’m a nice guy. I don’t understand why women don’t like nice guys.” Ditto about guys claiming they are intelligent and then saying women don’t like intelligent guys.


23. Dating Is Hard

Recently saw a few gems.

“Don’t say hi or hey there. I don’t answer to that.” -okay, well then shall I just start halfway into a conversation without introducing myself? Wtf do you want someone to say?!

“I bet you think your a ten. Your not. You are just average.” -swipe left.

“We should skip all of this and just meet at the hourly motel.”-I pray that has never worked for him.

“Not paying for any of your shit on the date”–independent and can pay my own way in life but way to show me you are not a gentleman at all.

“Christian and family man. God above everything. Must have big tits.”–I mean…I deleted the app after this.

Dating is tough. Thank god for wine. (Sorry for formatting, I’m mobile)


24. Lots of Favorites

“Fluent in sarcasm.” I think this one’s unisex. Translation– I’m not funny, but I’ve convinced myself that the reason nobody laughs at my jokes is that they’re just too intellectual and edgy for a mainstream audience.

I’m also put off by a huge wall of “favorites.” Maybe this isn’t as much of an issue in the Tinder age (I’ve been out of the game for a couple of years) but I used to see a ton of guys who would list, like, two hundred favorite movies or bands. It’s a good sign that he’s going to spend the whole date going on and on about things that you absolutely MUST see/ read/ listen to, and describing the plots of movies you’ve never seen in excruciating detail. It’s fun to get recommendations every now and again, but pop culture is no substitute for having your own personality.


25. The Dreaded Group Shot

Pictures with multiple people. Unless you are after a gangbang you are just going to disappoint me when I find out you’re not the hot one.


26. Rudeness

“No fatties”

I have no issue with peoples personal preference but that is just rude. If you are uninterested in overweight people just don’t talk or engage with those people.


27. Grammar

confuse “your” and “you’re”

confuse “there”, “their”, and “they’re”

confuse “loose” and “lose”

write “u”


28. Open Relationship

Smoker or in an open relationship are my only “instant” deal-breakers.


29. You Know Why

“I don’t know why I’m on here LOL”

Yes you do.


30. Achooo

“Allergic to cats.”