33 Lessons About Love And Relationships I Learned In 33 Years

Today, March 2nd, marks my 33rd trip around the sun! 33 years of growing, learning, and evolving.

As the years fly by, I realize more and more what life is really about. The reason why us humans are even here on Earth. It’s the question that we all are trying to find the answer to, and well, I think I’ve gotten pretty close to finding it.

The reason for us all being here, of course, is love.

To feel love, to spread love, to experience love. It really comes back to that.

I believe it’s each human’s duty to do everything they can to experience love. Because a human that is fully experiencing love is one that is contributing to every single person on this planet.A human that is focused on adding more love to their own life is spreading it to others as well.

That is why it is my life’s mission to help every single woman find love that is desiring it. To show her how powerful and magnetic she is when she is in love. And now more than ever, our planet needs humans that are full of love. Humans that can raise the happiness of our planet. And it all starts on an individual level.

So, in honor of my birthday, I am sharing 33 lessons I have learned about love so we can all cultivate more love together.

1. Love is out there for everyone that desires it. No human is unlucky in love, rather they have blocks against it.

2. Happy relationships consist of two whole people that are committed to their own growth as well as their partner’s.

3. A romantic partner is not responsible for your happiness—only you are.

4. If you are wanting more love out of a relationship, try giving more first before expecting it.

5. Intuition and gut feelings never lie, especially in romantic relationships.

6. Love can happen at any age; there is no one timeline for all humans.

7. Love can happen after any number of heartbreaks.

8. Heartbreaks and relationships ending are when you learn the biggest lessons of your life; they are not something to be feared.

9. Being single for the majority of your 20s is the best thing you can do.

10. Being single is an amazing time to get to know yourself and become your own best friend. This will serve you well when you do find love.

11. A love interest, whether it’s a first date or 20 years together, will treat you at the same level you treat yourself.

12. It does not matter what everyone else thinks of your partner—they are not the ones that are in your relationship.

13. Fall in love with someone that is also your best friend, someone that can laugh with you every day.

14. A relationship is not a competition between two people, it will require you to give freely without expecting anything in return.

15. The more you avoid heartbreak, the more you avoid love.

16. Vulnerability is the secret to happy relationships, so find ways you can be more vulnerable with yourself and your partner.

17. Letting your partner see the real you is the greatest gift you can give them.

18. Choose your life partner based on shared values and goals, not on how they look.

19. Attraction grows and deepens as you get to know someone; don’t always rely on first impressions.

20. You don’t need a relationship to have a happy life, but it sure does make it way more meaningful.

21. Long-term relationships require you to commit to love over and over again.

22. In today’s world of dating apps, focus on getting to know one person and devoting your attention to them. Less equals more in a world of options.

23. You can find and cultivate love anywhere, not just in another human. Love for your life, your goals, your passions, and your purpose.

24. It is true what they say—actions speak way louder than words. Trust another person’s actions over anything else.

25. If a person is interested in you, they will find a way to see you. Games don’t exist in a genuine connection.

26. If you have to convince yourself that someone loves you, it’s probably not the right relationship for you.

27. Always pursue your partner and show that you love them, even after years of being together. That’s when it matters the most.

28. Talk through your relationship issues with your partner or therapist, not your friends, family, and coworkers.

29. Your partner is not a mind reader, so share openly and honestly about what is bothering you or what you are needing.

30. Humans are meant to evolve and change; you cannot expect your partner to stay exactly the same. Learn to love them regardless.

31. Soulmates do exist—you may have just one or many depending on your own personal life path.

32. A love interest acts as a mirror. Whatever you don’t like about them signifies how you feel about yourself.

33. An authentic and deep connection with another person will feel like absolute magic. Never settle until you find it.

So there you have it, the 33 most important lessons I have learned about love and relationships in my time here on Earth. And I know I have so much more to learn as my life continues to unfold.