Sam McNamara

4 Arts And Crafts Projects To Celebrate Taurus Season 2023

Taurus is an earthy and grounded sign. When they harness their creativity to cultivate their element of earth, true magic unfolds. While crafts can (and should) be enjoyed by everyone, utilizing the tools found in nature for your art project will truly please and ease the Taurus soul. Here are four ideas that a Taurus of any age can participate in. 

1. Acorn Marble Necklace 

You can take the forest with you wherever you go. A Taurus needs that grounding power. A power that only nature provides. So, finding ways to bring that nature with you is helpful.

Start by going for a walk to hunt for the perfect acorn cap. Just make sure it is big enough to fit a marble. Cut a chord (hemp works great) to at least 26 inches or however long you want your necklace to be. Next, use a drill to make a small hole on each side of the acorn cap. Now, thread your chord through the holes and tie the ends together. Use an ultra-strong adhesive to glue your chosen marble to the acorn cap. (FYI, a green marble works great for a Taurus). 

2. Daisy Chain

This timeless classic is the perfect way to balance your beauty with nature’s beauty. In your nearest field, look for small white flowers. These are daisies. They grow in clusters, making them easy to gather.

First, select the daisies you want on your chain, making sure the stem is at least four inches long. Next, cut a small split just above the middle of each stem. Now, thread another daisy through the slit you have just created in the stem. Pull through gently until the flower rest against the slit. Keep repeating this process until your daisy chain reaches your desired length. Push the stem of your last daisy into the slit of the first to complete the chain. Now, you can wear this beautiful handmade jewelry as a crown or bracelet.  

3. Stone Stacking 

This art form is highly meditative, making it the perfect grounding exercise. It’s also easy, and you can do it anywhere you naturally find stones in various sizes.

First, sit on the ground. Feel the earth against you as you gather pieces of it in your hands. Stack your chosen stones into a tower as tall as you wish to make it. With some practice, you will eventually be able to make archways and other advanced architectural designs out of stones. 

4. Garden Marker Stones 

Garden marker stones are the perfect craft for a Taurus, especially if used to mark edible vegetation in the garden because food truly is the key to unlocking a stubborn Taurus heart.

After choosing a flat rock, scrub the dirt off from its surface. Next, use acrylic paints on the surface of the rock. Choose whatever colors and design you want. Consider using white paint to make the Taurus constellation on top of your design.