Ron Lach

4 Birth Months Who Always Spin Friendships Into Something More

Some people refuse to date anyone they consider a friend because they aren’t willing to risk ruining the relationship, or because they just don’t see their friends that way. But others are always falling for their friends since they have so much fun together and make such a great team. Here are the birth months who are the most likely to turn friendships into relationships:


Your friends are your favorite people, so why wouldn’t you want to date them? You only hang around the best people that you know, so you’re always falling for them. After all, you know you can treat them right, so you would rather have them date you than end up with someone who doesn’t deserve them. Even though there’s a chance the friendship could get ruined, you would rather take that chance than risk never knowing what a wonderful couple you could have made, risk wondering what could have happened if you were brave enough to take a shot on love. You’re always turning friendships into relationships because your friends are the greatest.


You take a while to warm up to new people, so you have trouble jumping straight from strangers to partners. You don’t want to hand your heart over to someone who barely knows you, who you aren’t sure whether you can trust just yet. That’s why you’re always turning solid friendships into relationships. It’s easier for you to picture a romantic relationship with someone you already trust, someone you enjoy spending quality time with, someone who already makes you happy. You’re always turning friendships into relationships because it’s easier, more fulfilling, and less intimidating than trying to find love with a total stranger.


You always see the best in people, so when you befriend someone and get to know them on an even deeper level, it’s easy to grow infatuated. It’s easy to feel like they would make the perfect partner. You’re always turning friendships into romances because you see the beauty in everyone you meet, but you spend the most time with your friends, so you see them in every situation — when they’re happy, sad, frustrated, angry. You already know them on a deep level, so it feels natural to turn that relationship into a romantic one.


You have a ton of friends, so you don’t have to look too far for someone wonderful to date. You’re always turning friendships into romances because you want your relationships to be based on friendship anyway. You want to be able to laugh with your person. You want to feel like they have your back, like you are in this together. You would rather date someone you consider a friend because you care about more than their looks. You care about how well your personalities line up. You care about how compatible you are. You care about whether you can make each other happy in the long-run, and since they’re a friend, you know they’re already good for you.