4 Birth Months Who Need A Ton Of Attention In Relationships
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4 Birth Months Who Crave A Ton Of Attention In Relationships

Some couples need space in their relationships. They don’t want to spend every waking moment with their partner because they want to maintain their independence and enjoy their alone time. However, other people crave as much quality time with their person as possible. They would rather be together than with anyone else. Here are the birth months who need a lot of attention in relationships:


People born in May need a lot of attention in relationships, and they aren’t afraid to admit it. They would rather spend extra time with their partner, sitting in silence across the couch while they both play around on their laptops, than spend time apart. People born in May want to be as physically and emotionally close to their person as possible. Too much distance will set off their insecurities. They need consistent reminders that their partner still cares, that they are happy to be in this relationship, that they aren’t going to leave anytime soon. The more attention they get, the more bonded they feel to their partner, and the more comfortable they feel in the relationship overall.


People born in July don’t love being the center of attention in big groups. However, they want to be given a ton of attention by their partners. They want to feel like their partner cares about them enough to prioritize them, to make them feel special and seen. People born in July aren’t asking for much from their partners. They simply want to spend quality time together. They want to feel like they’re both on the same page. They want to be assured they aren’t the one who cares more in the relationship. They want to know they’re receiving as much as they’re willing to give.


It’s no secret that people born in August love being the center of attention. They love feeling appreciated and admired by everyone around them. If they’ve chosen to settle down with a special someone, then they expect that person to give them a ton of attention. They expect that person to set aside plenty of time in their schedule to hang out, even if it may be inconvenient. Quality time matters a ton to this sign. If someone born in August isn’t getting enough attention from their partner, then they are going to look for it elsewhere. They won’t stay somewhere where they feel unwanted.


People born in November want their partner’s attention to be on them and only them. If they notice that you’re giving someone else more attention, then they are going to show you the door. They won’t stand for being a second choice. They need to be toward the top of your priority list. Otherwise, they are going to feel like they aren’t getting what they deserve out of the relationship. People born in November have high standards. They aren’t going to settle for less than they deserve, so if you aren’t giving them the attention they crave, you aren’t going to be in their life at all anymore.