4 Concrete Signs Angels Are Near You

There are various ways angels may try to communicate with us here on earth. Here are four concrete signs angels are near you.

1. White Feathers

Finding white feathers in unusual or unexpected places is a common sign that angels are nearby. White feathers often appear to us when we need support or comfort during difficult periods in our lives. White feathers are meant to convey that our angels are with us and that we aren’t ever as alone as we feel.

2. Cardinals

As the saying goes, “When a cardinal appears, an angel is near.” Cardinals are a sign that angels are nearby, specifically a loved one who has passed on.

3. Synchronicity

Synchronicity is when we relate two seemingly unrelated things together. Coined as “meaningful coincidences” by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, synchronicity are more creative, personalized signals from our angels. An example could be dreaming of a friend you lost touch with and then randomly running into them that day and being able to reconnect with them.

4. Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are repeated number sequences that signify our spirit guides are with us. Examples of angel numbers include 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc. Each of these angel numbers has a different meaning. 444, for example, suggests that you’re protected and being guided by your angels.