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4 Concrete Signs He’s Soft Ghosting You

Soft ghosting is when someone you’re talking with or dating begins to gradually fade away from your life. While communication hasn’t halted entirely just yet, something feels off. He’s been shorter, less available, and not as present. Here are four concrete signs he’s soft ghosting you.

1. You always text him first (and the conversations are short and feel forced).

While he used to text you first, this is no longer the case. Now, you are the only one who makes contact and initiates conversations. And while he may still reply to your texts, the conversations have started ending as quickly as they started. After all, he only gives dead-end responses. Sometimes, he may even only react to your texts instead of saying anything at all. You’re honestly starting to wonder if you’d ever hear from him again if you stopped reaching out.

2. There is a lack of reciprocity.

In addition to never texting you first, he has stopped reciprocating in other ways, too. For example, if you ask him about your day, he won’t ask about yours. Or if you ask him to go out one day and he “can’t,” he won’t offer an alternative date. Basically, it’s only up to you to keep the relationship going at all.

3. He’s never available for plans anymore.

Work is just so busy or he already made plans with his friends or he’s just exhausted. Rinse and repeat. You honestly can’t even remember the last time you saw him in person.

4. You’re reading this article.

If you think you’re being soft ghosted, there is a good chance you probably are. But that’s okay. You deserve better than being strung along. You deserve closure. You deserve someone who gives a shit.

Let him go.