Allegra Messina

4 Zodiac Signs That Might Cheat On You With Their High School Ex

Few things in life can be more painful than being betrayed by someone you love. Hell, it even stings a little bit to be cheated on by your weekly friend-with-benefits.

Then again, it’s hard to nail down a precise definition of what actually constitutes “cheating.” For some, it requires hooking up with someone else behind their back. Let’s call that “physical cheating.” For others, it can be nothing more sinister than a wink, a wayward smile, or even an innocent email to an ex. These behaviors can be classified as “emotional cheating.”

While none of the star signs are so noble as to be completely above either physical or emotional cheating, the following four signs are the most likely to do it. And if they do it with someone from their past—especially an old flame like a high-school sweetheart—this may only signify that by looking to the past, they are seeking some kind of stability that they may not be finding with you. Although it sounds contradictory that someone would seek stability by creating chaos in their current life, you should realize that the heart often acts in ways that make no sense to the mind.


The Twins are ruled by Mercury, the planet of curiosity and adaptability. The Twins are also an air sign, which makes them individualistic and demanding of extensive freedom. The Twins are also, well, Twins—meaning that one Twin can be smiling in your face while the other stabs you in the back. While Geminis can be exceptionally devoted once they find the right partner, they are also extremely needy for attention and affirmation, even from people from their past. They are prime advocates of the “YOLO” credo, so if you can’t satisfy all their desires, they may see nothing wrong with trying all the other flavors at the local Baskin-Robbins store.


Just like Gemini, Libras are an air sign, meaning they are highly restless, love to roam, and also need to express their individuality. They are ruled by Venus—planet of love and relationships, with a little bit of mischief and naughtiness thrown in to keep things spicy. They have an intense desire to connect with others. While this might ordinarily be a good sign, I did say “others”—in the plural sense. If they find their relationship with you lacking in either the physical or emotional sense, they may buzz like a horny bee from flower to flower in the springtime, and oftentimes that flower is an old fling.


A hot-blooded fire sign, the Ram is also ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and conflict. This will make them intensely thrilling and fun to be with—for a time. But their intensity often manifests in hot-temperedness that can spills over into meanness and cruelty. If you’re able to keep their lusty assertiveness in check, you’ve got yourself a keeper. But you may find that if you can’t dominate Aries or control their aggressive nature, they will find a way to get even with you by going from lover to lover like a warrior seeking new conquests, or just right back into the arms of someone from a long time ago.


An earth sign that is ruled by Saturn—the planet of hard work and responsibility—one would think that Capricorns would be the least likely of all the star signs to cheat on you with a high school sweetheart. This is true to a degree. But since they are also intensely realistic, they are brutally honest with themselves if a relationship is starting to lose some of its initial luster and sparkle. Since they seek security, they are the most likely out of all the signs to cheat on you preemptively, and particularly with an ex, so they can ensure they won’t have a moment of loneliness or regret once your romance inevitably fizzles out.