Zodiac Signs That Are The Hardest To Leave

4 Zodiac Signs That Are The Hardest To Leave


It’s incredibly hard to walk away from a relationship with a Virgo because you’ll most likely be the one making the final decision. Virgos are fighters and Virgos are fixers, so they would never give up on a relationship with someone they love. They will remain for much longer than they should because they can’t stand the thought of quitting on someone until they exhaust all of their options. Walking away from them will be tough because they’ll want to continue to fight – and it will be tempting to let them. Especially since they won’t mind taking on the bulk of the work. But you need to remember that staying in the wrong relationship isn’t fair to either of you. It’s better to walk away now than to prolong the pain.


Taurus are hard to leave because they grow incredibly attached to the people that they care about the most. They have trouble with change, so a breakup is one of the worst possible things to deal with in their mind. Walking away from them will be tough because you’ll be able to see the hurt on their face. You’ll be able to sense how much pain they’re going through because of you. Plus, Taurus are stubborn. If they don’t agree with the relationship ending, they are going to argue with you. They are going to stand their ground and fight for you to stay. It will be hard to look them in the eyes and make them understand that there’s no changing your mind either, that you need to go.


It’s easy to see that a Libra is a catch. Even though you might not work out with them, you know that they are going to make someone incredibly happy one day – and it’s hard to accept that that person is never going to be you. Although Libras are kind and gracious and will understand why you need to leave, that can make the situation even harder. After all, you hate that you’re hurting someone so gentle. You hate that you aren’t able to give them what they deserve. And since they’re so flirtatious, it won’t be long until you see them with someone new – and even though you know they aren’t right for you, watching them move on is still going to hurt. You know the journey ahead isn’t going to be easy on you.


Aries are hard to leave because they will cause a scene. They aren’t going to take the breakup lightly. They are going to ask questions. They are going to confront you and make you explain yourself. Even though you’re bound to get closure with them, since they leave everything on the table, the actually moment that you break up with them is going to be rough. They won’t hold back when it comes to telling you their real feelings – so they might not be the nicest. However, this sign cools down fast, so once the breakup is officially over, there’s a chance you could forgive and forget.