Megan Ruth

4 Zodiac Signs Who Always Try To Keep The Peace

As much as we don’t want them to happen, arguments can occasionally crop up in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s some light bickering over which TV show to watch at night or a full-fledged spat over one’s relationship issues, arguments are an inevitable aspect of interpersonal communication, with some conversations tending to escalate into a heated verbal sparring match every now and again. Though some people might view these occasional spats as a healthy and organic way to resolve our differences with one another, others go out of their way to resolve an argument as quickly as possible, preserving the peace at all viable costs.


For you, there’s nothing quite like ending a stressful day in your favorite comfy chair, flipping through some of your favorite TV shows while sipping on some homegrown peppermint tea. As someone who places significant value on your surroundings, when an outside argument threatens to disrupt your carefree lifestyle, you work hard to balance out everyone’s conflicting emotions, hoping to return to a state of peace and tranquility before things spiral out of control.


A perennial people-pleaser, when someone seems out of sorts, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming desire to help them feel better. As someone who loves cultivating a stable environment where everyone feels comfortable and supported, you instantly jump at the chance to stifle an argument whenever one comes to fruition, stomping it out before anyone’s feelings get hurt. To you, the smallest disagreement between close friends is the same as a dramatic shouting match between two embittered rivals, threatening to destroy a relationship that you feel is in your power to save.


You always feel a need to help others, bending over backwards to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. Dwelling near the top of your best friends’ emergency contact list, you’re the first to spring into action when you notice someone needs assistance, even if it doesn’t necessarily require your intervention. From mediating a tense fight between friends to helping a couple resolve a romantic dispute, you delight in the chance at improving other peoples’ lives anyway you can.


Among the more judicious signs of the zodiac, you have the ability to see all sides of an argument, allowing you to shift from one person’s perspective to the next amidst a testier exchange between friends, family, or casual acquaintances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a controversial political debate or an argument over who’s turn it is to empty the dishwasher–your ability to navigate a discussion logically rather than emotionally helps you de-escalate any volatile conversation that falls in front of you.