4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Always Called Clingy
Cristiano Firmani

4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Always Called Clingy

Just because you’re always called clingy doesn’t mean it’s true. Some people are uncomfortable around authentic humans. Some people aren’t going to understand your soft heart. If you are born under one of the signs below, you’ve probably been called clingy more than once, but don’t worry because you are not alone.


People consider you clingy because you value your friendships and relationships. Once you grow attached to someone, you want to spend every second of your day with them. You aren’t going to walk away from someone who makes you happy. You aren’t going to deprive yourself of something you really want. You would rather tell the truth and admit what’s on your mind. If you want to spend time with a certain person, you’re going to tell them. You’re going to be honest and wear your heart on your sleeve. You aren’t going to waste time playing hard to get because you’re too authentic.


You are a fixer at heart. When someone is in trouble, you try your best to help them out of their unfortunate situation. You aren’t going to turn your back when someone needs you. Unfortunately, this can come across as clingy to people who aren’t used to your unconditional kindness. You aren’t asking for anything in return. Your heart is simply too big to watch someone suffer. You’re protective of the people you care about. You want to do anything within your power to keep them healthy and happy. Sometimes, that means crossing boundaries. But you always believe you’re doing the right thing. Your intentions are always pure.


You’re not the most romantic person in the world. You don’t give your heart to just anyone, so when you find someone special, you won’t want to let go. You’ll be there for them whenever they need you. And you’ll try your hardest to make their life easier. Unfortunately, you always think you’re right, so you might give them some unsolicited advice. You might tag along to help them without an invite. They might feel overwhelmed by how much effort you’re putting into the relationship – but you’re only trying to help. You’re trying to be there for them in the way you wish someone was there for you. You genuinely think you’re doing them a favor.


You will call to check in on your loved ones whenever they’re going through a hard time. You will send care baskets and cards to remind friends they’re on your mind. You will make it clear that you care about the people in your world that you hold dear. Unfortunately, not everyone will be receptive to your kindness. Some people will assume you’re clingy because they’re not used to having someone around who genuinely cares, who pays attention when they speak, who admits their emotions openly. Some people won’t be able to accept your thoughtfulness because they’ll be wondering whether it’s some sort of trick or a trap. They’ll assume you’re too good to be true.