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4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Expect A Major Life Shift With The Aries Solar Eclipse

Eclipse season is here again, preparing to offer some much-needed shifts in our lives!

On April 20th, a Solar Eclipse will take place in the ambitious sign of Aries. In astrology, eclipses go beyond a simple start or ending chapter, which we typically associate with New and Full Moons. Eclipse energy adds something extra to this concept and often foreshadows powerful shifts in our lives. Eclipses are meant to help you see reality, and while the truth isn’t always something we want to face, it is necessary for our growth and well-being.

Of course, each zodiac sign will have encounters with the eclipse, but a few signs will likely feel it more intensely. Check below (Sun and Rising!) to see which zodiac signs can expect significant shifts during this Aries Solar Eclipse.


You’ve likely already been prepping for these changes, Aries, given that you know you’re kind of a main character for 2023. This Solar Eclipse is taking place in your 1st House of Identity and Self, implying some big changes in your identity and how you present yourself to the world around you. This could lead to some discoveries about who you are or what you want in life, but they may not always be the easiest things to embrace or accept. If you’ve felt a bit aimless or stuck regarding your direction in life, this eclipse is ready to serve as a catalyst to push you out of your stagnancy. You know who you are and who you want to be; now the question is, are you willing to step into that version? 


Like your sister sign Aries, you too can expect some change coming up, most notably in your relationships. With the eclipse appearing in your 7th House of Relationships, it’s important to be aware of your connections and how they function in your life. Romantic, platonic, and even business partnerships are on the table here. You are a sign known for your affinity for harmonious partnerships, but sometimes you’re more than willing to sacrifice your wants and needs to keep things running smoothly. This Aries Solar Eclipse radiates a very forward, slightly confrontational energy that will push you to address things that have been overlooked or ignored. If the connections you have in your life only exist because of skirting around problems and not working on them, that isn’t honest. While it’s not exciting to confront, sometimes it’s more than necessary for the health of the relationship and yourself. If there are things that aren’t working, it’s time to talk about it. 


Aries season is already spotlighting your career, but this solar eclipse is ready to push the envelope further. With the transit taking place in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, it’s time to make a name for yourself. The main question is, are you willing to do what it takes? This isn’t ominous by any means—no need to be cutthroat or dishonest here. However, sometimes growing means making difficult choices, like leaving your current job to pursue your dream career, going into business for yourself, or taking a promotion in your current line of work that may demand more of you. You know your value, and it’s easy to wait until someone notices you, but things rarely work this way. This Aries Solar Eclipse is ready to give you the big push you need to follow through, and this isn’t the time to sit back. If you want something, you have to go for it.


Home is where the heart is—and in your case, where some big life shifts are, Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse is taking place in your 4th House of Home and Roots, which can feel deeply personal. Of course, change is challenging to accept anywhere, but our homes often feel like a sanctuary, so any major changes can introduce conflicting emotions. However, whether you’re calling a new place home, making some interior changes, or working with some shifts with those who live with you, the important thing to remember is that change doesn’t have to be threatening. Sometimes our home changes can be the catalysts for the bigger changes as we recognize that even the most deeply rooted parts of ourselves need to shift every now and again.