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4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Most Affected By Mercury In Taurus

Mercury has moved into the sign of Taurus—and the energy surrounding it is one to take note of!

This shift starts on April 3rd and lasts until June 11th (thanks to Mercury moving into Retrograde on April 21st). Taurus is a sign that is grounded, determined, and a little stubborn sometimes. When Mercury is in this Earth sign, we take our time with our words and thought processes, and we only speak up when we are certain what we want to communicate (though we may struggle to accept alternate perspectives).

Despite the retrograde, plenty of positive energy gives this period potential—most notably when Mercury comes into contact with Uranus, the planet of innovation, rebellion, and breakthroughs. This can lead to some serious inspiration for Mercury and open up some possibilities that may have felt unlikely before. 

Of course, this transit will affect all the zodiac signs, but a few may feel this affecting them more than others. Check below (Sun and Rising!) to see which signs will be most affected by Mercury in Taurus.


With the planet of communication in your sign (and in your 1st House of Self and Identity), the confidence to say what you want and need is in full swing. In terms of creation and conversation, you may find the right words come easier to you than usual—and it’s not something to underestimate. With other planets also moving through this house, this could be a time of embracing yourself and expressing it in ways you’ve previously held back.


As Mercury moves through your 7th House of Relationships, you will likely find it easier to have important talks with your partner or close companions. Meaningful discussions that you may have been deliberating on could come up more naturally, with the confidence to discuss them in ways that are clear and concise rather than coerced. This could also lead to better conversations that connect you to potential romantic options or new friends, as you feel more in your element of expression.


While you may already be considered a natural leader, Mercury in Taurus is giving you a little more command in terms of communication in your work life. Your 10th House of Communication and Career is experiencing this transit, which could point to you being looked to for a leadership role or offering advice/ideas involving important aspects of the company. People are more attuned to what you have to say, so think things through before you get ahead of yourself.


Your home life will receive a much bigger focus with Mercury making its way through your 4th House of Home and Roots. The desire to create and communicate within your home space will take bigger precedence than usual, and you may even feel more comfortable and settled in your home than usual. If there are unresolved issues taking place (think issues with family members/roommates, unfinished plans, etc.) you may even feel empowered to get things in order with a clear plan and sense of direction.