Mary McDonald

4 Zodiac Signs With The Strongest Connection To Nature

The great thing about civilization and technology is that these human creations keep us safe from the ravages of nature. Although we may be the most intelligent species, we are also mutants in the sense that we are the least equipped to live in the natural world. Extremes of temperature and the unpredictable laws of the jungle are the reasons that humans fled the Garden of Eden and created shelters and technological gizmos for themselves in the first place.

But the worst thing about civilization and technology is that they have also uprooted us from our natural habitat, creating the sort of stress and alienation that simply don’t exist out in the wild. Although we gained a bit of comfort and safety by cocooning ourselves from nature, we also lost something raw and primal about ourselves. From time to time, we all need to reconnect with nature so that we don’t go stark raving mad.

Some people, however, crave that natural connection more than others. Here are the four zodiac signs with the deepest need to get away from the supermarket and back into the garden.

1. Aquarius

Whether it’s a cabin in the woods or an island bungalow, Aquarians paradoxically feel most at home when they are far away from home but much closer to nature. Only when they are out amid the clean air, the rich deep soil, and the crystal-blue water do they reconnect with that ancient part of themselves that feels so out of place among the soul-numbing crush of urban congestion, the jitter-inducing plasticity of technological complexity, and the ironic sense of alienation one gets when surrounded by teeming throngs of people. Only when they’re out amid the sounds of chirping birds, rolling waves, and crackling fireplaces are they able to hear themselves think.

2. Taurus

As a fixed Earth sign, Taureans only feel grounded when they can actually see the ground—when it isn’t obscured by cement, asphalt, cars, storefronts, and blaring neon signs. They prefer their food plucked straight from the ground rather than processed and packaged. They’d rather hear nature’s quietly eternal symphony than pop in some earbuds to hear the latest techno beats. They’d rather look at the canyons of Arizona than the skyscrapers of Manhattan. More than any other sign, they realize that no matter how many conveniences modern urban living can provide, the human soul is deprived to the point of starvation if it can’t connect every so often with the natural roots that gave birth to all living creatures. 

3. Libra

No amount of human interaction, no matter how blissful and loving it may be, can soothe Libra like quietly communing with nature. It’s not that they are antisocial or misanthropic; it’s just that every so often, they need to come face-to-face with natural beauty without the endless distractions, heartaches, tension, and drama that people can bring. Nothing delights them more than seeing the flower buds blooming in springtime, a baby deer gently lapping at a mountain creek in summer, the resplendent colors of autumn leaves, or endless rolling hills covered in snow. They gain boundless comfort knowing that whenever they need to step away from the crowd, nature is there, ready to soothe them.

4. Sagittarius

As the zodiac’s premier adventurers, Sagittarians get restless staying in the same place for too long. And whenever they get time to escape from their natural domicile, they avoid visiting the same area twice. They seek a bit of a thrill when they go out into nature, so they often venture into places where angels fear to tread. A hiking trip deep into the California redwoods where you won’t have Wi-Fi for days? A scuba-diving trip on the Great Barrier Reef, which is home to the eye-dazzling colors of coral beds but also some of the world’s most dangerous predator sharks? Scaling the notoriously cold and wind-battered peaks of Mount Everest? Sign them up!