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4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Overwhelmed By Their Love Lives


Love doesn’t work with timetables, or five year plans, or everyone else’s newsfeed, which drives Gemini absolutely up the wall. Every other aspect of their lives falls into line and obeys the strict schedules Gemini puts into place like a Von Trapp child responding to a whistle. But with love there is no to-do list, no sequence of tasks that can guarantee a happy life with a fulfilling partner. An element of spontaneity is required. You have to react to what is directly in front of you, and know when something is worth making an exception for. You’re never going to be totally ready to meet the “right person”. You’ll be tired or hungry or have a pile of dirty laundry waiting at home, but for the right person anything can put on the back burner. Because love is this illusive thing that can’t be rushed, or made to wait, like a Totino’s pizza roll that has cooled just enough to not scald your mouth, but will lose it’s appeal if left sitting out much longer. Strike while the frozen food is hot, Gemini!


You’re fine on your own, Cancer. You can handle all of the chores, all of the daily tasks, and still fit enough enrichment and leisure time in there to make life enjoyable. You can feed yourself three square meals, floss your teeth, and not leave your mental health unattended. You can put yourself out there, go on dates, have normal and not altogether unpleasant interactions with strangers, but where you struggle is “dessert”. You have this way of withholding things from yourself, the same way people turn down dessert at the end of the meal because you “don’t need it”, because you’re arguably “full”. You don’t tell people you want them in your life because they’re not “necessary” because everything is already “just fine” without them. In order to find love, you need to learn to indulge. You need to learn to allow yourself the pleasure of someone’s company, even if it’s not essential to your survival on this planet. Get in touch with your inner Ariana Grande and memorized the mantra, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”


You are too quick to let people walk away, Virgo. You ice them out way, way, way too soon, like a psychopath who sticks a Tupperware container full of hot chili directly into a refrigerator, and ultimately wastes unnecessary energy trying to change something hot into something cold before it’s naturally ready. You waste your own emotional energy trying to force someone to abandon you when they don’t want to. You put words in people’s mouths, or even worse, close the door on them while they’re still fighting for the relationship. You are so afraid of having the conversation, of letting people decide for themselves whether or not they want to stay with you, that you make the decision for them to preempt being caught off guard. You hurt yourself before anyone has a chance to hurt you. Your anxiety isn’t allowing for things to take their natural course. For time to lead things to their ultimate destination, like gravity pulling a marble to the lowest point, nook, or cranny. The person you’re meant to be with will fall into place if you just let them.


You are so afraid of settling, you reject people before they’ve had their chance to shine. You give books a fairer chance than you do potential lovers, knowing it can take several paragraphs, pages, or even chapters for the good stuff to get started. Some flowers bloom slower than others, and you of all people should understand that. You’ve read too many romances where the love interest does all of the work. All of the talking, initiating, probing, declaring, and proposing, but love doesn’t work that way. Sometimes both parties are shy, slow to talk, nervous, hesitant, or socially anxious. Just give someone as many chances as you’d give yourself in the same situation. Sometimes the chemistry is there, it’s just hidden under the stage fright of a first encounter, or a discomfort with dating in general. Comfort comes with familiarity, and you can’t miss someone you don’t even know yet. If you just give people a little more time, you’ll find a personal connection better than anything you’ve ever read about in a book. Something that makes fairy tales look like settling.