Rajaa Lemnari

4 Zodiacs Who Are Ready For Love But Are Very Scared/Guarded


You are flighty. You jump from person to person and conversation to conversation. This can be quite unpredictable, Gemini, and some people see this as flaky and even untrustworthy. When it comes to love, you’re not into it the way that others are. You like keeping your options open, simply because you fear that one person won’t be enough for you and that you’ll lose interest in them. You fear falling in love because, for you, stability is boring. You don’t want to lose yourself and your freedom.


When it comes to love, you are a realist. You don’t look at love through rose-colored glasses the way that others do. You refuse to let down your walls and show your imperfections because you’re afraid your partner will see them and run away. Virgo – you’ve got trust issues. And perfectionism issues. You will do everything in your power to ensure you don’t fall in love with anyone simply because you fear being vulnerable. People only see what you want them to see, and you’re okay with that.


Settling down and staying still is not your thing, Sagittarius. You prefer to be on the go, traveling, and meeting new people. You fear having a partner who doesn’t want you to travel so much, and you fear being in a relationship and later on meeting someone who might be a better fit. You fear love not only because you hate the idea of being tied down, but also because you fear that love could get boring. You’re independent and have a passion for adventure, and anything that’s less than exciting or doesn’t give you some freedom — you’re not for it.


The thought of failing at something gives you so much anxiety. The thought of falling in love — when there’s a chance it won’t work out in the end — gives you just as much anxiety. You like things to be under your control, organized, and also worth your time and energy. Love can be unpredictable and you hate that — you hate that it’s not something you can control! You fear to love because you’re a realist in love. To fail at love — either you can’t compromise or you feel like they’ve wasted your time — would be a major loss for you, and you can’t have that.