4 Zodiacs Who Are Tempted To Make A Change (But Aren't Sure If They Should)
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4 Zodiacs Who Are Tempted To Make A Change (But Aren’t Sure If They Should)

Change can be scary. It’s not easy to forget your fears and take a leap into the unknown – but sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes change is exactly what you need in order to find your place in the world and uncover true happiness. Here are a few zodiacs who have been tempted to make a change, but aren’t sure if they should go through with it:


Some people assume that you’re immune to worry because you come across as so fun and carefree. However, you have doubts and fears just like everyone else – and you’ve been scared to make a change for a while now. However, you should think about it this way: You wouldn’t be thinking about making this change this much if it wasn’t something you really wanted. This possibility wouldn’t be keeping you up most nights if weren’t extremely tempted. Remember, change is never easy, but it’s worth the trouble if you’re sure this is what you really want.


Virgo, you’re a perfectionist, which is why you want to wait until the timing is right to make a change. But the timing is never going to be right. You’re going to keep coming up with new excuses to wait until tomorrow and your life is going to remain exactly the same – unless you take that risk right now. Stop procrastinating when it comes to the things that are important to you. If you have big dreams you want to chase after (or a person you want to chase after), then stop trying to manufacture the perfect moment and get out there. You should stay smart, and you should listen to your brain, but you shouldn’t overthink something so simple.


It’s scary to make a change, no matter how small. When you grow used to your comfort zone, when you get accustomed to living life a certain way, you don’t want to tempt fate. You might not be happy with the way things are, but you’re worried that they’ll only grow worse. But that’s a dangerous mindset to keep. Don’t worry about what might happen if this change ruins your life. Think about what might happen if this change improves your life. Challenge yourself to be an optimist for a change. Consider the possibilities you’re closing yourself off to by staying put. Do you really want to live with those regrets? Or do you want to make a change, take a risk, make a leap?


Capricorn, you pride yourself on being logical – and that’s a great trait. Listing out the pros and cons might help you come to a conclusion. Asking your friends and family for advice might help you too. But there comes a time when you need to make a decision. You don’t want to be stuck in the contemplation phase forever or you could miss your chance. There’s no pressure to figure out what you want right this second, but don’t take years to decide either. Really think about this. Really think about what you, as an individual, want from this world.