4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Going To Give Up On You (Even When They Should)
Jesse Herzog

4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Going To Give Up On You (Even When They Should)

Some zodiacs are going to give up on you as soon as the relationship grows difficult. They aren’t going to waste their time trying to fix problems that stand in their way. But other signs are going to stick around and try to fix things, even when it’s past the point that they should leave. Here are some signs who will never give up on you (even when they really should):


Once a Cancer consider you an important person, they are going to do everything within their power to keep you in their life. They are going to go above and beyond to make you happy — even when the behavior isn’t reciprocated. Cancers have a tendency to end up exhausting themselves by pouring their all into relationships that are never going to last. Relationships that clearly have an expiration date. But it will take this sign a long time to accept that there’s nothing more they can do to save the relationship. It will be hard for them to admit defeat because they are willing to put in the work. But some things are outside of their control.


Virgos are problem solvers so they feel like they can handle any problem that is thrown at them. They figure that with enough time and effort, anything is possible. But that’s not true in relationships. If the other person isn’t going to put in the same amount of work, it doesn’t matter how hard this sign tries. It doesn’t matter how many bright ideas they come up with or how hard they try to fight to keep the relationship intact. It’s not entirely up to them. What their partner does (or does not do) matters too.


Libras see the potential in everyone they meet, so if they grow attached to you and decide that you are their person, nothing is going to convince them to step away. No matter what you do, they believe that you can change and grow and better yourself. This sign is a big believer in forgiveness, but forgiveness doesn’t have to mean reconciliation. If the other person is doing nothing to change their behavior, then a Libra will have to walk away — but they will resist for as long as possible. They won’t want to give up on someone they love dearly.


Capricorns have high standards when they’re single, but once they fall hard for someone, they will allow this person to get away with murder. They will let their partner do whatever they please without causing much of a fuss. This sign doesn’t love most people, so when they find someone that they develop a genuine connection with, they won’t want to sever that connection. They will want to tough it out. They will tell themselves that they can get through a rough patch because this other person is worth the trouble — but sometimes, this means a Capricorn will accidentally settle for less than they deserve. They will get used to unacceptable behavior.