Igor Rand

4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Stay Home In Their Pajamas This Monday


You’re just not up for it today, Aries. The sun is shining, your phone is blowing up, and you feel every pressure in the world to push through it and perform, but today, just once, give yourself permission not to. Let your body and your mind get the rest they so desperately crave, and let everything else wait till tomorrow. The world will not stop moving, and nothing will be ruined in the process. It will all be waiting there for you in 24 hours, and you can approach it all with fresh eyes. Until then, do nothing. Zone out. Nap. Move as little as possible. Think as little as possible. Try to simply be. Breathe in and out. Chew your way through three meals and turn bathing into a leisure activity instead of a chore.


You’re in a love bubble, Cancer, that nobody could pop if they even tried. You’re too distracted to worry about things like groceries or bills or emails, and it’s time to take a mental health day—in the sense that your mental health is at an all-time high that deserves to be celebrated. Journal. You’ll want to remember these initial impressions down the road. Sleep in next to this person who has turned your world upside down. Order pizza and watch a movie. Talk for hours, then sit in perfect silence. Listen to every song that reminds you of anything remotely significant that’s ever happened to you. Do anything and everything that your heart desires and adulthood deems irresponsible or lazy. Suspend this feeling a moment longer. You’re making what will become a most precious memory.


You’re physically wiped, Libra. Whatever feat you just accomplished, be it marathon or epic closet clean-out, you have earned an entire day where you don’t lift a finger. It’s hardest to slow down when you’re so used to go-go-go—that’s just the laws of inertia—but sometimes that’s when you need to step on the brakes most. Refuel, do your necessary maintenance and worry about what you’re going to start next tomorrow. Enjoy the high of a job well done, and take a good hard look at the results of your work. It deserves to be admired. Crack open a pint of ice cream and kick back with your favorite binge-worthy show under your comfiest blanket. You have worked hard for every moment.


You’re in a dreamy state this week Aquarius. Everything feels romanticized, like a montage in a movie where you’re meant to stay inside on a rainy day, staring out the window with a cup of coffee or entranced over a typewriter, lost in thoughts both urgent and profound. Follow that impulse toward wherever that creativity is leading you today. Funnel that energy into the outlet or project you’ve been putting off but needing to dust off. Whatever has been on your mind is showing you the way to let it out, let it crystalize, form into concrete words or symbols with a specific meaning. Let them come to life, even if it requires you to divert from your usual plans.