4 Zodiacs Who Get Scared Away When You’re Clingy

4 Zodiacs Who Get Scared Away When You Act ‘Clingy’

Believe it or not, a lot of people actually like the behaviors that some people consider clingy. After all, double texting and wanting to hang out every weekend is pretty normal once you’re in a serious relationship, and it shows that your interest in this person is strong. However, there are still signs out there who might get turned off by behavior they consider too clingy. Here are a few zodiac signs who might run if you pay them too much attention right away:


Sagittarius are built for long-term relationships – but they aren’t going to want to feel like their freedom is being taken away when they get into a relationship. They want to maintain their independence even when they’re part of a couple. That’s why they might get scared away if you want to spend every single moment with them and never give them any space, especially early on in the relationship. Sagittarius want to know that their hopes and dreams aren’t going to be negatively impacted by the relationship. They want to feel like they can still do everything they could when they were single. So if someone comes on too hard, too fast, they might start to distance themselves.


Once they’re in a serious relationship with you, Taurus will be happy to spend every single moment alongside you. After all, they get highly attached to their favorite people. However, early on in the relationship, clinginess might scare them away. They are used to a certain routine, so going from no relationship to having someone who wants their attention every second can feel jarring for them. They need some time to adjust. Time to get to know you. Time to get used to this new dynamic. Taurus will be happy to spend all their days with you in the future, but they need to take things slow in the beginning.


If you like an Aquarius, they will want you to admit it. They appreciate brutal honest and straightforward personalities. However, they don’t appreciate strict routines that make them feel confined. If they don’t have the opportunity to go off and do their own thing, they’re going to feel suffocated. Aquarius need alone time. They need room to breathe. They aren’t going to last in a relationship with someone who needs constant attention and reassurance that they still care. There needs to be a certain amount of trust – and space – in order for them to feel like they’re in the right relationship.


Geminis are happiest when they’re wandering, when they’re making new friends and embarking on new experiences. That’s why they need a partner who embraces their adventurous side. They need someone who is happy to spend a little time apart, so they have the chance to miss each other, and a chance to live their own lives. Once a Gemini finds the right person, they will be happy to do most things together, but they will still want some time apart. They will still want the opportunity to pursue their own passions and hobbies. If someone tries to hold them back from that, then they aren’t going to stick around long.