4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Overthinking Their Crush

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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Overthinking Their Crush

Some zodiacs are impulsive. When they develop feelings for you, they will let you know immediately. But other signs aren’t that forward. They will take the time to consider whether you’re right for them, and to wonder whether you feel the same. Here are a few zodiacs who have been overthinking their crush this December:


Taurus, you’re terrified of getting your heart broken, so you never want to put yourself out there without assurance that this person likes you too. But you’ve been having trouble figuring out whether that’s the case. You’ve been reading deep into every conversation, every glance, and every touch you share with this person. You’ve been trying to read their mind — but it’s been no use. You still have no idea what they’re thinking, whether they feel the same way as you, whether they’re interested in a relationship too. Even though you’re scared of the dynamic between you changing, you need to be brave. You need to make your feelings a little more obvious — or even ask them out on a date. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck feeling this uncertain forever.


Virgo, you aren’t afraid to chase after what you want — but you want to make sure that this person is right for you before you make a commitment. You’ve been overthinking everything about your crush lately because you’re worried they’re too good to be true. You’re worried you’re missing out on red flags, that you aren’t seeing signs that are right in front of your face. You are eager to turn this person into your partner, but you don’t want to rush. You’re trying to be smart and listen to your head over your heart — but sometimes, you should let your heart win out. Sometimes, the logical solution that works best on paper isn’t what works best in practice. If you want them, and they’re treating you well, chase after them.


You have been hot and cold with your crush lately. There are days when you’re one million percent sure chasing after them is a good idea — and other days when you decide they aren’t worth your time or your trouble. You keep changing your mind because you aren’t sure how they feel about you yet and you don’t want to get your hopes up. You don’t want to fall for them too hard if they are going to start ignoring you out of the blue, but you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity with them if they’re interested in giving you a shot either. You have been overthinking your feelings for them — and their feelings for you — because you haven’t been transparent with each other. You keep dancing around your feelings instead of admitting them out loud.  


Capricorn, you always want to make the best decision, logically. You never want to be too impulsive and do something you regret (like ask someone out without knowing they feel the same). This is why you’ve been analyzing your crush’s body language and trying to figure out whether they want you as badly as you want them. But sometimes, you aren’t going to get a straight answer. Not until you take the leap and ask them on a date. Yes, it’s scary to risk rejection, but you can handle it. And who knows? You might end up with a partner at the end of the day. Either way, you’ll be able to stop sitting up all night, wondering where they stand with you.