4 Zodiacs Who Have The Most Patient Hearts
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4 Zodiacs Who Have The Most Patient Hearts

Some zodiacs aren’t going to sit around waiting for you to be ready to take the next step with them. They will expect you to move at their pace, and if you aren’t interested then they will head for the door. But other signs are going to let you set the pace in the relationship. They will give you however much time you need to feel comfortable with them. Here are the zodiacs who have the most patient hearts in the zodiac:


When a Libra falls for you, they are going to wait as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with them. They would never want to rush you, peer pressure you, or guilt trip you because they want you to feel safe with them. They don’t mind moving at a slower pace if it means getting to keep you in their life. Although this sign might be eager to take the next step with you, they aren’t in a rush because they want to enjoy every single moment they get to spend with you. After all, no matter what label you put on the relationship, no matter how long it takes to get married or move in together, it doesn’t change how they feel about you.


Virgos are willing to wait for that one special person because they would never want you to feel rushed into a situation that you’re not ready to face. This sign is always thinking with their heads over their hearts, so if their head is saying that you’re worth the wait, then they are going to put aside their eagerness and stay patient. They’re going to do what is best for themselves, and if that means waiting, then they are happy to do so. This sign isn’t going to complain about you needing a little more time as long as you make your expectations and boundaries clear. As long as you talk to them and don’t keep them guessing what you need.


Taurus tend to move slowly, so they’re in no position to judge a partner who needs more time to feel comfortable. They are completely fine with moving at a slow pace if that’s what their partner needs. They aren’t going to judge you or make you feel guilty over expressing your needs. They are going to be happy that you’re being honest with them instead of pretending everything is fine and letting them have their way. After all, relationships are about compromises. They’re about the give and take.


Capricorns are in a rush to settle down — but it’s more about finding that one special person than racing to the wedding alter with that person. As soon as they find a partner who makes them happy, they are going to feel satisfied. They won’t care how fast they’re moving through the relationship as long as they get to spend time with this person. As long as they continue to treat each other with kindness and strengthen their connection day by day.