4 Zodiacs Who Have Trouble Staying Single

4 Zodiacs Who Have Trouble Staying Single

Some zodiacs spend a lot of time on their own. They would rather wait until they find the right person to make a commitment than jump into a relationship that is probably going to fail. But other zodiacs are obsessed with the idea of love. Here are a few who have trouble staying single for long:


Cancers want to settle down with their person as soon as possible. And whenever they start to develop feelings for someone, they assume that this person is the one they’re meant to spend forever with. If it turns out they’re wrong, then it won’t be long until they find someone new to pin their hopes and dreams on. Since Cancers aren’t interested in playing the field, they move quickly in relationships. They want to jump straight ahead to the comfortable part of the relationship. They enjoy it even more than the puppy love phase.


Leos love having the spotlight on them. If someone is interested in dating them, then a Leo will usually give it a shot. After all, they aren’t going to turn down free attention. Leos are romantics, so they want to find the right person for them – and they don’t mind sorting through the wrong people in order to make that happen. This sign is fearless, so rejection isn’t going to turn them off. They are going to chase after the person they want because they would rather try to make a relationship work and fail than never try at all. Leos are rarely single because so many people fall for them, and they have trouble resisting.


Geminis are social butterflies. They love going out and having fun. In fact, it’s hard for this sign to sit alone with their own thoughts for long. They would rather stay occupied. They would rather be surrounded by people. Since Geminis are able to get along with pretty much everyone they meet, they are always meeting potential partners. They are always jumping around from crush to crush, and potentially even relationship to relationship. This sign is adventurous and carefree, so they don’t see the point in pulling away. They might as well explore all their options. They might as well see who fits them the best – and the only way to do that is to give everyone a chance.


Libras will fall in love a thousand times throughout their lifetime. They see the beauty in everyone they meet so it’s hard for them to turn down the opportunity to build a new relationship with someone special. This sign is obsessed with the idea of love. They are romantics. They want to be swept off their feet again and again. Libras adore the puppy love stage, so they aren’t going to say no when someone special shows interest in them. Even though they never forget their exes, they move on pretty quick. They never stay single for long because their feelings are too big. They can’t stop themselves from falling in love again, and they fall hard.