4 Zodiacs Who Learned A Lot About Love In 2022

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4 Zodiacs Who Learned A Lot About Love In 2022

Sometimes, we learn positive lessons about love — but even the negative lessons are going to impact you in a wonderful way in the future. The more you know about what you want from a relationship and how you expect to be treated, the better. Here are a few zodiacs who learned a lot about love in 2022:


Whether you are currently single or in a relationship, you learned a lot this year about the way that you want to be treated, about how much respect means to you and how you expect your life partner to behave in different situations. Even though you don’t always think highly of yourself and are still learning how to love the person in the mirror, you are not going to accept poor treatment from others as we approach 2023. You’re going to stop thinking of screaming and cursing as passion and are going to remember that you deserve respect in every scenario, even when tempers are high. You are finally learning what stable love looks like, and you aren’t going to settle for anything less, even if it feels exciting.  


Libra, this year you learned that you need to do a better job at accepting the type of love that you deserve. It’s always been easier for you to give love than to accept it from others — but you don’t want to end up in another one-sided situation. You don’t want to be the one giving until you exhaust yourself while the other person barely lifts a finger. But now you know that you are worthy of spectacular love, equal love, love that puts in actual effort. In 2023 and beyond, you aren’t going to settle for anyone who tries to put the bulk of the work on you or who makes excuses for why they can’t be there for you when you’re always there for them.


This year, you either learned how precious love is when you’re with the right person — or how volatile it is when you’re with the wrong person. You learned that, although relationships have never been your main priority in life, it’s okay if you start making it one. It’s okay for you to let your guard down and let someone else inside, as long as they are treating you with the respect and love that you deserve. For a lot of your life, you were the stoic one — but you’re learning there is value in vulnerability, that it actually feels good to let love in when you’ve found someone who is going to handle your heart gently.


This year, you learned a lot about what your expectations need to look like moving forward. In the past, you were wishy-washy with your boundaries and expectations, but now, you understand the importance of stating those things clearly. You know that you deserve everything that you’ve ever wanted, and in order to make that a reality, you have to be honest with yourself and your partners. You can’t hide your feelings or pretend that they don’t exist because they won’t magically go away. You have to confront them. You have to be transparent with them.