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4 Zodiacs Who Leave When The Relationship Gets Difficult

Some zodiacs are going to remain in relationships through thick and thin. They are going to be there for their partners, even long past the expiration date. But other zodiacs aren’t going to put up with too much drama. Here are some signs who will bail on relationships when they get hard (unless they find someone super special):


Aries aren’t going to back down from arguments. If someone is rubbing them the wrong way, then they are going to be vocal about their thoughts and opinions. Even though Aries tends to cool down quickly after fights, their partner might not feel the same. If the arguments continue for days, or an Aries is asked to change their behavior, then they might just bail. They won’t want to go through the trouble of making up with this person. They won’t want to pour all of their energy into a relationship when they have so much else going on in their life. The only way they’ll stick around through the tough times and actively try to be a better partner is when they find someone who checks off all their boxes. Someone who makes them feel thrilled and safe at the same time.


Geminis usually don’t settle down early. They want to go out and have fun with their friends. They want to party and dance and drink. They want to see the world and avoid missing out on experiences. If a relationship becomes too much work, and they aren’t sure whether they can picture a future with this person anyway, then they are going to bail. They aren’t going to prolong the relationship and give this other person false hope. They would rather rip off the bandage right away. The only time they’ll stay in a relationship that is stressing them out is when they’re with someone they cannot picture their world without, someone they can see settling down with and spending forever alongside.


Libras can be deceiving. Although they might promise you the world, they understand that they have options. And they know that it’s possible to fall in love more than once. If a relationship is becoming too stressful, then they might decide to leave. That doesn’t mean they’ve stopped caring about this person. It simply means they’ve finished this leg of their journey. Libras have high expectations for their life, their partners, and their careers. The only reason a Libra will stick around when times are hard is when they have already committed to a lifetime with you. When they have decided their search is over and they’re going to choose you forever.


Aquarius are independent. They don’t need to be in relationships in order to feel fulfilled, so if a relationship is causing too much chaos in their life, they might bail. They have other things that they need to focus their effort on. The only reason an Aquarius will stick around when times get hard is if they know you’re a good teammate, that you genuinely make them happy, and that you would stick around for them too.