Zodiacs Who Live For The Drama

4 Zodiacs Who Live For The Drama

Some zodiacs go out of their way to avoid drama. They don’t want to get mixed up in other people’s problems. Other signs are a bit more curious. They want to know what is going on at all times. Here are a few zodiacs who live for the drama:


Geminis are social butterflies. They can keep a conversation going with anyone, whether they are complete strangers or have known each other for a lifetime. Geminis will make you feel like you can tell them anything – which is exactly what they want. They want to know who is dating who and who has a problem with who. They want to know the dirty little details that are being kept a secret from everyone else in the room. They are extroverted and fun – but they are also one of the nosiest signs in the zodiac, so if you start opening up to them, they will sit and talk to you forever. They will squeeze as much information out of you as possible because their curiosity gets the best of them.


Leos are one of the most dramatic signs in the zodiac. Even though they can come across as self-centered at times, they love hearing even the smallest snippet of drama. When secrets are whispered into their ears, it makes them feel powerful. However, they won’t want to sit quietly in the background while drama is going down in front of them. They want to jump into the mess themselves. They want to be a part of the fun. Leos don’t mind when other people have their name in their mouth. After all, any attention is good attention in their mind. They want all eyes on them. They want to be the center of attention, so they aren’t afraid to start a little drama.  


Pisces get emotionally invested in drama, even when it’s happening to celebrities or friends of friends. They are nosy, so they always want to know what is going on in everyone’s lives. They don’t want to miss out on a single detail. Although they might claim that they hate drama because they hate seeing other people upset, they end up involved in a lot of drama anyway. Or, they at least end up hearing about a lot of drama. They might not be involved in any fights themselves, but they’re the one who will comfort their friends at midnight while listening to all of the details about what went down. They’re the shoulder everyone will lean on when it’s time to shed some tears.


Cancers are sensitive. They assume that the world is out to get them so they will panic when someone they care about acts sketchy. Even if that person has done nothing wrong, Cancers might blow the situation out of proportion. They don’t mean to start drama, but their insecurities can get the best of them. Their doubts can cause them to start fights that they never intended to start. Cancers care deeply about the people in their lives, which is why they get so passionate. It’s why they can (accidentally) cause so much trouble.