4 Zodiacs Who Never Stay Friends With Their Exes

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4 Zodiacs Who Never Stay Friends With Ex-Boyfriends

Some zodiacs are going to want to keep you in their world, even after you’re officially broken up. They won’t want to let go of someone who means so much to them. However, other zodiacs are going to want nothing to do with you after the breakup. Once it’s over, they’re gone forever. Here are a few zodiacs who will never stay friends with their exes:


Scorpios can hold grudges for a lifetime. If you betray them, they aren’t going to handle the situation well. They are going to want revenge. They’ll want you to pay for the way you’ve treated them. They aren’t going to walk away quietly because they want you to know how badly you’ve hurt them. They want you to experience the same level of pain that you’ve brought down on them. Scorpios are associated with scorpions for a reason. They sting. You don’t want to mess with this sign because they will never let you forget what a big mistake you made by losing them.


Leos want to be the center of their partner’s universe, so it’s going to be hard for them to watch an ex move on. They won’t want to see all of the attention they used to get be directed toward someone else. Even if a Leo wants nothing to do with you anymore, they’ll still get jealous when they see you with someone new. They’ll be annoyed that you aren’t hung up on them, that you’ve found another partner to spoil rotten. Since seeing their partners move on makes them so uncomfortable, they won’t remain friends with their exes. Not unless they plan on getting back together with them.


Taurus are one of the most stubborn zodiac signs, which means they can hold a grudge. Breakups are never easy on them, especially since they get attached to the people they date. They also hate change, and breakups are always a huge change – and they might take their frustration about the situation out on their ex. They might channel all of their anger toward this one person who is causing so much change to occur. Taurus have a short temper, so when they’re upset with you, you’re going to know. They aren’t going to hold anything back. They’ll make sure you’re aware of every little thing that you’ve done wrong. They are going to make you feel guilty for even thinking about hurting them.


Aries aren’t able to control their tempers when they get really upset. That means there’s a chance they’re going to blurt out something during the breakup that they won’t be able to take back. They might permanently shatter your relationship because they didn’t think through the consequences of their actions. Plus, Aries live in the moment and have a tendency to move on quickly. If a relationship fails, they aren’t going to dwell on what went wrong. They aren’t going to pine after someone who clearly wants nothing to do with them. They’ll want to move onto their next big adventure. They’ll want to chase happiness today instead of living in the past.