4 Zodiacs Who Plan The Best Dates

4 Zodiacs Who Plan The Best Dates

Some zodiacs would rather let their partners plan out date nights, so they can simply sit back and relax. But other signs enjoy taking the lead and planning adventures. They get a kick out of finding new places to go and new sights to see. Here are a few zodiacs who plan the best date nights:


Aries are wild and adventurous. Even though most of the time they let the moment guide them and live spontaneously, they can be good planners when they put in the effort. Since they get restless when they’re sitting still for too long, they’re going to come up with exciting, once in a lifetime date ideas. They’re going to whisk you away on adventures that you never would have went on without them. Aries are a ton of fun and don’t like to do anything halfway, so their dates are going to be something you remember forever. Think indoor skydiving, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, or axe throwing. After all, they believe in the motto go big or go home.


Aquarius think outside of the box, so they aren’t going to take their dates to a chain restaurant and a movie (even though they’d be happy for their partner to plan a date exactly like that). They are going to find something out of the ordinary to try. They are going to take a risk and see what happens. While other zodiacs might stick to the basics to ensure that their partner has a good time, an Aquarius will take chances. They will test out new experiences, and if the date ends horribly, at least it will be a learning experience. At least they’ll be able to cross it off the list. Either way, it was an adventure.


Capricorns are intelligent and attentive. When you speak, they are going to listen and remember every word that comes out of your mouth. Capricorns pay close attention to your likes and dislikes, so they will pick the perfect date spot. Instead of automatically choosing something that they want to do, they are going to choose something they know will appeal to you. They are going to take your feelings into consideration, always. After all, making you happy will make them happy. They don’t care about many people, but once you worm your way into their heart, they will do anything to see you smile.


Virgos are planners, so they are going to take every aspect of the date into consideration. They will find the best places to take selfies and the best food items to buy for the best possible price. They will bring everything you need as well, from an extra jacket to hand sanitizer or a blanket. Virgos aren’t going to forget anything important, because they want the date night to be perfect. They want you to sit back and relax while they handle all of the logistics. Since this sign is so detail oriented, every date night is going to be one to remember. Even if it goes sour, it’s the thought that counts – and they put a lot of thought into everything they do.