4 Zodiacs Who Show Love Through Actions, Not Words

4 Zodiacs Who Show Love Through Actions, Not Words

Some zodiacs are vocal about their feelings. They won’t shut up about how much they adore their partner. But other zodiacs are a little more shy about their emotions. They show their feelings through their actions, not through their words.


Virgos are going to do whatever they can to help out their partners, to help solve problems, and to make someone feel better again. Although they might not say those three little words constantly, they will show their love by acting out their feelings. Their partners will never wonder whether they care because a Virgo will always show up. A Virgo will do whatever it takes to keep their partner happy. They aren’t afraid to put hard work into a relationship. They aren’t afraid to do their fair share. They will spoil you rotten and make sure that you feel loved, even if they aren’t saying those words aloud.


Aquarius can accidentally come across as cold and emotionally detached because they aren’t upfront about their feelings. They aren’t the type to text you reminders that they love you and can’t imagine living without you – but they are the type to remember the little things you’ve said and to check in on you when they know you’ve been stressed. This sign might not make the grand romantic gestures that you see in romantic comedies, but they will try their hardest to be the best partner they can be. They will constantly seek to improve themselves so that you receive the best possible version of them. They will show how much they care by being the partner you deserve.


Capricorns are not the most romantic sign in the world, even though they are extremely loyal and have huge hearts. This sign won’t always go out of their way to do sweet, mushy things for their partner. However, they will do practical things for their partner. They will help with the chores. They will volunteer to be the designated driver and help you move boxes. They will show up whenever you need them, no questions asked. Even though they might not blurt out how much they care about you, you will be able to tell that they care by the way they treat you. After all, Capricorns aren’t going to waste their time with anyone that they aren’t sure about. Their standards are way too high for that.


Cancers are nurturers. They love to take care of the people who matter the most to them. They love to show affection through their actions because they are self-conscious when it comes to speaking but they have huge hearts. When this sign falls in love with you, they will surprise you with presents and cook for you and help you out with whatever responsibilities have been stressing you out. They show their love through their actions because they never want you to question whether you matter. They never want you to feel alone or misunderstood. They are willing to put plenty of effort into the relationship so that you feel satisfied.