Катерина Жосул

4 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Most Impacted By The Summer Solstice

The official first day of summer is arriving. June 20 marks the summer solstice. One and the same with the astrological start of Cancer season, the solstice delivers hopeful emotional harvests. Our relationships become the center of our universe. Our summers of love and romance begin. Families, both chosen and of inheritance, come together. 

As we reflect on our season ahead, we’re challenged to get intentional. Following our intuition and subjective desires is of utmost importance. If we neglect our soul’s needs, how can we ever find fulfillment? As we remain true to our hearts, it makes a world of a difference.

While this summer solstice celebrates important milestones for us all, the four cardinal zodiac signs are most impacted. Look for your sign below. For advanced astrologers, read on and check for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign.


Cancer season ushers in a wave of nostalgia. By paying respects to how far you’ve come, your heart feels more present and grounded. Feelings of emotional safety and security are of utmost importance. Your personal sector is celebrated and uplifted. Hosting gatherings with loved ones is sure to honor your spiritual growth. There’s nothing that a little extra care and love cannot fix.

At this time, your instinctual nature tells you to soften. A sensitive psychological state of being makes you more receptive. You feel it all. The good feels all the more fulfilling. The hardships of life become all the more real. Being authentic to your true innermost state of being frees you from disconnection from yourself. Looking at your summer ahead, you’re ready to risk it all for who and what you truly long for.


The summer solstice also marks the beginning of your season, Cancer. The seasonal shift is all about you. Being the center of our universe, it’s always important to care for ourselves. However, this becomes all the more important at this time. The path of opportunities, growth, and expansion lies ahead of you. To make the right choices, you must confide in your potent intuition.

Looking at your summer ahead, it’s time to care for your relationship with yourself. What’s your love language? Is it quality time? Spend time in solitude, undistracted from anything beyond you. Maybe you love physical touch? Take your time adorning yourself in luxurious scented lotions and cuddling up with a soft blanket. This life is yours to live. When you’re connected with the one who is responsible for the quality of your life, you’re capable of ensuring authenticity and happiness follow. 


Your heart is longing to get out into the world. Exploring your options becomes key. As Cancer season ushers in a wave of authenticity, your intuition is leading you to greater horizons. The first day of summer marks a fresh start at prioritizing your purpose. The legacy you leave behind always follows you. When you enter a space, be sure to show up as the person you want to be remembered as.

Quality first impressions lead you to miraculous outcomes. As you wear your heart on your sleeve, you become relatable to many. There’s a brave vulnerability surrounding your aura. A reputation for emotional intelligence leads you straight into auspicious professional paths. This seasonal shift reminds you of who you are at a soul level and what role you wish to play in society. How can you honor both sides in your approach?


When Cancer season arrives, your interpersonal sphere becomes active. As your connections to others become of utmost priority, lean into sensitivity. There’s no use playing it cool. Being detached gets you nowhere. To experience the love you crave, it’s time to put all of your emotions and intentions out there intentionally. As the seasons shift, so does your meaning of love and care.

There’s potential for romances to blossom. Past lovers reconnect over similar future desires. New connections dive deeper as they bond on an inner child level. Intimacy soars. While you cannot help what you feel, respectful communication will be what sets unhealthy and healthy interactions apart. It’s not time to be passive in matters of your heart. Go after what you’re longing for, especially in terms of people, full steam ahead.