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4 Zodiacs Who Will Thrive Under This Week’s Full Moon In Gemini

On November 27th, the Full Moon in Gemini arrives, shining its light in places where we need some closure.

The Full Moon is often linked to moments that give us insight and close doors to prepare us for new chapters—and can be the push we need to let things go. In Gemini, the mutable air sign ruling communication, technology, and travel, we could receive these insights through talks, texts, or getting out of environments for a moment to get a fresh perspective. 

The Full Moon will affect all the signs, but a few signs may benefit from it most. Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising) to see which zodiac signs will thrive under the Gemini Full Moon.


With the Full Moon in your 1st House of Self and Identity, you are having an empowering moment of expressing yourself. Knowing what others want and need is good, but yours matters, too. This could be a day when you change your style, get a new outfit haircut, or something that aligns more with the person you want to be. Don’t be afraid to embrace who you are—it’s worth it. 


Feeling a little adventurous this weekend, Libra? It makes sense—and the Full Moon in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education is ready to shine a light on that energy. If you’ve been thinking about taking up a new hobby or skill, signing up for a new class, or going on a much-needed trip, use this energy to make some moves. Heck, if you have the opportunity, make them happen! It’s easy to make excuses for holding yourself back, but you deserve to spread your wings occasionally.


Your muse is closer than you think, Aquarius. As the Full Moon moves through your 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure, you will have the chance to put yourself out there, but no one can force you into it. A little banter at the local coffee shop could turn into sparks flying, or you could be inspired by a song or piece of art you encounter that makes you want to create yourself. Try not to overthink it—your emotions are worth exploring sometimes. 


If you’ve been looking for a sign to reset, this is it, Capricorn. Maybe you’re ready to stop burning the candle at both ends and need a new system. Maybe you are ready to cut out your vices that aren’t doing your mind and body any favors. Either way, the Full Moon in your 6th House of Habits and Wellness is ready to encourage you—you’ll be better off with these changes.