4 Zodiacs Who Work Better In Serious Relationships Than FWBs Or Flings

4 Zodiacs Who Work Better In Serious Relationships Than FWBs Or Flings

Some zodiac signs are okay with keeping it casual. Others feel much more comfortable in serious relationships than short-term ones. Here are a few signs that thrive when they find their forever person and are able to settle down:


This zodiac sign has a huge heart. When they care about someone, they go all out. They’ll do favors for this person, send check-in texts to this person, and make sure this person feels loved and appreciated. Cancers are people pleasers who put more effort into making others happy than making themselves happy. Taking care of other people brings them joy. In a serious relationship, this makes them an excellent partner. However, it makes them come across clingy when the other person is only interested in having a casual fling. Cancers aren’t built for temporary loves. They are searching for something permanent.


Taurus have a hard time adjusting to change. They like to stick to their routine and take a while to open up to new people. They rarely play the field because walking up to new people and hitting on them makes them uncomfortable. In relationships, they move slowly. They need a partner who is patient, and who wants something serious with them. If the other person pressures them into moving too quickly or gives them a reason to believe they’re only temporary, a Taurus will lose interest. They need someone who is patient and understanding. Someone who will wait for them, even if it takes them a while to get used to the idea of dating again.


Virgos are practical. They value their time and don’t like wasting it on people who are only short-term. They have huge dreams that they are busy trying to accomplish, so if they’re going to make room for someone in their life, that person better be worth the effort. Virgo won’t want to jump from relationship to relationship because it requires too much energy. They would rather expend their energy on one person who deserves it. One person who makes all the running around feel worth it. Virgos have high standards for themselves and the people around them, so they aren’t going to settle for an almost relationship or fling where they feel second best.


This isn’t the most romantic zodiac sign. In fact, they are cynics who are perfectly fine with the idea of staying alone. They are independent enough to take care of themselves. They don’t need anyone else in order to feel fulfilled. The only reason they’re going to take a chance on someone is if this person is special. They won’t disrupt their stability for someone who might run away at the first sign of conflict. They’ll only enter a relationship if it feels right. If they believe that this person might be the one. Capricorns are never going to settle for someone who treats them like a backup plan because they aren’t afraid of the single life. They either want a committed relationship or to stay single. There is no in between.