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4 Zodiacs Whose Love Lives Will Thrive Under Venus In Gemini

Love is in the air! Venus in Gemini has officially entered the chat and is ready to stir up all kinds of excitement in the astrological realm. 

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and when it teams up with the mutable air sign of Gemini, sparks fly and playful banter is a must. Gemini enjoys exploring possibilities and indulges in a curious nature over a judgmental one, allowing many of us to let loose and enjoy romance instead of keeping an ever-increasingly tight grip on our relationships and expectations.

While Venus in Gemini, starting April 11th and remaining in the sign until May 7th, will certainly affect all the signs in one way or another, a few will see a distinct shift in their love life and relationships. If they are willing to lean into it, this could bring tremendous potential into their relationships—with others and themselves.

Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see which zodiac sign will see their love life thrive under Venus in Gemini!

Gemini (all personal placements)

It likely isn’t much of a surprise to you, Gemini, that Venus moving into your sign would have an impact. If you have personal placements in the air sign (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), then the planet will certainly be breathing some fresh life into the way you approach your life and connections—your naturally clever and mercurial nature will benefit with the closeness of Venus to your placements.

Specifically for Gemini Risings, Venus prepares to have you revisit a significant relationship—the one with yourself. Self-love is always a great goal to continue working towards, but with Venus in your 1st House of Self and Identity, you may find some unexpected rounds of confidence surfacing. You feel empowered to make significant moves and maybe even some bold risks in presenting yourself to others. More importantly, the person or people you’ve had your eye on? They won’t be able to stop looking at you, so this could be an excellent opportunity to put yourself out there and see what happens!

Sagittarius (Rising)

With Venus in Gemini moving through your 7th House of Relationships, you’re bound to experience some interesting moves in your love life during these next few weeks! Of course, the 7th House is about more than love—it includes your close friends and even your open enemies. However, Venus in this sign is all about uncovering and discovering, which gives you plenty of opportunity to explore your relationship and see what potential is there. It’s okay to feel playful and not take yourself seriously all the time, and it can actually be a much-needed period for you to explore and enjoy the more carefree side of love and connection.

Aquarius (Rising)

With Venus in a fellow air sign, you’re already familiar with the excitable, explorative qualities this transit is ushering in. Venus in Gemini will be working its way through your 5th House of Romance and Creativity, and it certainly won’t hurt for you to make the most of it. Whether it’s going out a little more and giving yourself room to flirt and banter with someone who has caught your eye or focusing your attention on that crush you’ve been dancing around for a bit, Venus is reminding you that love is meant to be fun, passionate, and a little cheeky every once in a while. The planet of love and beauty is pushing you to immerse yourself in this mindset—who knows what could happen if you loosen up a little instead of shutting everyone else out?

Scorpio (Rising)

Venus in Gemini is transiting through your 8th House of Intimacy and Bonds, which could be an interesting shift for your love life. This period could signal some significant transformation for a current relationship and even a potential opportunity to form closer connections on a deeper, even sexual level. Venus isn’t one to shy away from love and pleasure, and the 8th House certainly has a reputation for being intense, but this period can open you up to new ways to create intimacy that deepens your relationship in ways that feel more explorative rather than pressured.