40 Non-Sexual Things Guys Do That Are Actually Hot As Hell

  1. Making. Direct. Eye. Contact. Across. The. Room.
  2. Rolling up his sleeves so you can see his forearms. RIP.
  3. Laughing without restraint.
  4. Holding the door open for others.
  5. Hugging his friends.
  6. Pushing back his hair when he’s thinking hard about something.
  7. Knowing how to apologize.
  8. Talking to kids with kindness, and then genuinely listening to what the children have to say back.
  9. Clearly putting effort into his outfits. No more jorts!
  10. Partaking in a skincare routine that doesn’t involve washing his face with a three-in-one shampoo.
  11. Randomly addressing you by name in conversation.
  12. Admitting he doesn’t know something (and then asking you to explain it to him).
  13. Having a solid book collection.
  14. Paying attention to the news.
  15. Asking you to repeat yourself at a loud party while leaning down so he can hear you better.
  16. Unbridled goofiness.
  17. Showing interest in your friends and making an effort to get to know them, too.
  18. Being close with his parents.
  19. Active listening skills. Bare minimum? Maybe. But it’s still hot!!!
  20. When he brings up details you shared with him, things even you forgot you had mentioned.
  21. Double-checking that you’re actually okay with something, whether it’s leaving an event or what restaurant you’re going to eat at that evening.
  22. Getting morning bedhead.
  23. Stumbling awake from a dream and looking over at you confused.
  24. Understanding the stock market.
  25. Being able to explain the stock market.
  26. Knowing how to cook (or, at the very least, attempting to learn how to cook well).
  27. Keeping a clean space.
  28. Helping with the dishes after a meal.
  29. Forgetting what he was talking about and then stumbling over his words trying to get the thought back.
  30. Being able to actually laugh at himself.
  31. Being open about his mental health.
  32. Planning unique outings, paying special attention to details and making sure it’s something you’d love to do, too.
  33. Taking his career seriously.
  34. Appreciating and understanding art.
  35. Tipping well.
  36. Playing with the dog.
  37. Conversing with bartenders or servers with genuine interest and respect.
  38. Offering you a bite of his food.
  39. Asking, “What do you think?
  40. Being able to joke around without being mean.