5 Beautiful Truths About Falling In Love Later In Life

5 Beautiful Truths About Falling In Love Later In Life

You shouldn’t feel bad about how long it’s taking you to find love. You don’t have to meet your forever person when you’re in your teens or twenties. Sometimes, it’s actually better to find the person meant for you a little later in life. Here are a few beautiful things about falling in love when you’re older and wiser:

You’ve grown into a more complete version of yourself.

You’ve had plenty of time alone, which gave you the opportunity to discover different sides of yourself. You know who you are, what you want, and where you’re heading in the future. You’ve learned valuable lessons, like how to compromise and how to express your needs, so the relationship will start off strong and remain strong. You know how to be a good friend to yourself, which means you can be a good friend to your partner.

You already know what you want and don’t want from another person.

Even if you don’t have much experience in relationships, you’ve learned what you need in a friend or business partner. You recognize what type of person meshes well with you and who you should stay far away from. Since you know yourself so well, you aren’t going to have any doubts about the person you end up choosing. You will feel confident that they’re the right person for you. After all, you know you won’t tolerate treatment that is beneath you. You know this person is worth it if you’re taking a chance on them.  

You’ve already established yourself in other areas.

You don’t have to worry about your person distracting you from following your dreams because you’ve already reached certain dreams. You’ve already created a set routine for yourself. You might have to rearrange your schedule a little to account for your new relationship, but you won’t sacrifice your biggest hopes and dreams for another person. You’ll be able to prioritize what matters the most to you and create a healthy balance.

You know you can live without them.

Instead of being scared of losing them, you’ll appreciate the fact that you have them since it took you so long to find each other. You’ll cherish every moment that you spend together. You’ll be thankful that your paths crossed. Plus, you know that you would be able to survive without them if you ever broke up so you don’t have to stress too much. You can simply enjoy the now without worrying about what comes next.

You’ll pay less attention to milestone markers.

You already watched most of your friends get married. You already know what it’s like feeling behind. Since you’ve already learned the lesson that different relationships move at different paces, and have already accepted that your life isn’t going to follow the timeline you expected it to when you were younger, you won’t feel pressured to catch up. You can move at a pace that makes you two comfortable. You can worry about your happiness instead of worrying about what society thinks.