5 Brutal Reminders About Love That ‘You’ Season Three Taught Us

5 Brutal Reminders About Love That ‘You’ Season Three Taught Us

Spoiler warning! Don’t read unless you’ve finished the newest season of YOU.

You need two people to make a relationship work.

On paper, Love and Joe were a match made in heaven. She thought the same, assuming they worked perfectly because they saw the worst in each other and could understand each other. However, it doesn’t matter how perfect you feel like your partner is for you. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or intelligent or good at cooking you are. It doesn’t matter how much you love the other person or how much effort you put into your relationship. If you’re not both trying to make the relationship work, then it’s going to fail. You need two people to be a team. If one of you isn’t interested in keeping the relationship alive, it’s going to go up in flames.

It’s dangerous to love the idea of a person.

Joe has a bad habit of falling for women he barely knows, assuming they’re the one, and then losing interest as soon as he sees their true nature. He doesn’t love any of these women. He loves who he thinks they are, who he imagines them to be, which is why he always finds out a reason to hurt them in the end. However, in real relationships, no one is perfect. You can’t expect your partner to be flawless. You need to accept every side of them and love them anyway. You need to be okay with the fact that they’re going to make mistakes, and not fault them for it.

The right person won’t want you to pretend.

Cary and Sherry were surprisingly motivational in the final episode of this season. She has been trying her hardest to be the perfect wife and mother in order to keep her husband happy. However, he loved her even when she didn’t love herself. He enjoyed every single version of her, from the moment they met to the moment they married. You need a partner like that. Someone who supports you when you try to improve yourself, but who doesn’t pressure you to change if you don’t want to change because they love you exactly the way you are.

It is never too late to change your life.

You’re never stuck in a situation, simply because you have history with someone or married someone or had a child with someone. If a relationship is toxic, it’s actually better for the kids if you separate. Living in a house where there’s constant fighting won’t be good for anyone under that roof. You should get out before the conflict escalates. Put yourself first for a change.

If a voice in your head is saying you deserve better, you should walk away.

Don’t let someone disrespect you. Don’t stay in a relationship where you’re constantly trying to prove yourself, where you’re constantly worried about them cheating, or where you’re constantly walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting them. Marienne made mistakes in her past, but she didn’t deserve to be treated so horribly by her partner. She deserved her own fairy tale, her own happily ever after (which might not include a relationship at all). And you deserve that, too.