5 Brutal Truths About Boys Who Won’t Treat You Right

5 Brutal Truths About Boys Who Won’t Treat You Right

Some people are never going to treat you right.

No matter how hard you try to impress certain people, there are humans who are never going to change. They are never going to love you the way you deserve. They are never going to give you the approval you crave. There’s no point in going out of your way to make them happy because nothing you do will ever be good enough. They will always want more, more, more. They are only going to drain you, so there’s no point in sticking around and waiting for them to hurt you some more.

When you continuously forgive someone for hurting you, it gives them permission to do it again.

While you’re free to give someone a second chance, you probably shouldn’t give them a third and fourth and fifth chance – especially when they keep making the same mistake over and over again. If you always let them get away with treating you horribly, if there aren’t any consequences for their actions, then they are going to assume they can hurt you again. They are going to assume your anger will eventually fade anyway, so they might as well do what they want.

Love isn’t enough to convince them to change.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much they love you. If they are too stubborn to change, if they have no interest in bettering themselves, then you aren’t going to change their mind. They need to make a decision to change themselves. If they’re resistant to the idea, then your relationship is going to remain the same. Remember, it takes two people to make a relationship work. If you’re the only one putting in effort, it won’t make a difference. You can’t keep the relationship afloat on your own.

You shouldn’t have to teach someone how to treat you.

You shouldn’t have to explain why it’s wrong to curse you out or cheat on you or go days without checking in. If they don’t understand how to treat their partner in a relationship, they shouldn’t be in a relationship. It’s not up to you to show them how to behave. They’re a grown human. They should understand what you deserve without needing you to spell it out for them.

It’s not going to be easy to leave – or to stay away – but it will be worth it.

Cutting someone out of your life, especially someone who wants to keep you around so they can control you, isn’t going to be easy. It would be easier to forgive them again, to let them keep treating you horribly, but the easiest road isn’t the healthiest road. Saying goodbye to this person is going to hurt. And staying away from them when they beg for you to return is going to hurt even worse. But if you truly believe you deserve to be happy, you’ll resist the urge to go back to them. In the long run, you’ll be happier without them. You’ll be proud of yourself for doing what is best for yourself, not best for them.