Brandon Woelfel

5 Concrete Signs They’re Not Your Twin Flame (They’re A Soul Tie Love)

Surely you’ve heard of twin flames by now. But have you heard of soul ties?

If not, a soul tie is a type of soulmate, one that feels as though this person is in your life for a reason. A twin flame, on the other hand, is also a type of soulmate. However, twin flames are thought to be two halves of the same soul, meaning we only have one. When it comes to soul ties, we can come across many different ones in our lives.

Soul ties can be romantic but they can also be present in all sorts of relationships, from friendships to family to even your pets. This article will focus on the romantic soul tie, however.

Here are five concrete signs they’re not your twin flame (they’re a soul tie).

1. They entered your life at an important time.

A soul tie is someone you first crossed paths with at a significant time in your life. It felt like fate, as if there was no way you could have missed one another. It was meant to be.

For example, maybe you met your soul tie love the very day you swore off dating for the next year. And despite this declaration, they still showed up and you took a shot on them.

2. There was an instant sense of familiarity.

With soul ties, and most soulmate connections, there was an immediate connection when you met, kind of like you knew them from some other lifetime and were reuniting once more.

3. You connect with one another on a deep soul level.

With romantic soul ties, in addition to connecting romantically, you will notice a spiritual connection with them as well. It’s like you can read each one another’s souls, sensing the ebbs and flows of each other’s energy with ease.

Your soul tie love will understand you in a way others don’t, and you get them on a level others do not as well. It is this profound mutual understanding that makes your soulmate connection feel so intense (and why they are sometimes confused as a twin flame).

4. You are emotionally charged in their presence.

Because a soul tie is such a strong soulmate connection, they will elicit strong emotional reactions from you, and you them. Sometimes, these emotional responses will be more “positive” and other times more “negative.”

It is important to note that no matter what type of emotion is being invited out, whether “good” or “bad,” the expression and feeling of that emotion might seem unusual or disproportionate.

5. You feel incomplete without them.

Finally, your soul tie is someone with whom you feel an inextricable entanglement, a person you can’t think of living without and frankly don’t want to.

This feeling can lead to an unhealthy attachment, however, which is why it is important to keep developing your sense of self outside of your soul tie relationship.