5 Concrete Signs You Need To Prioritize Mental Health In Your Next Life Chapter
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5 Concrete Signs You Need To Prioritize Your Mental Health In Your Next Life Chapter

It’s easy to neglect your mental health when you have a million different responsibilities that are taking up the bulk of your time and attention. But you don’t want to care more about productivity or taking care of others than you do about taking care of yourself. Here are some signs you really need to prioritize your mental health in your next life chapter:

You have been suffering silently for longer than you care to admit.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to bottle up your emotions. Whatever you’re feeling is valid. It deserves to be expressed. It’s dangerous to pretend that everything is fine when you’re suffering because that means no changes are going to be made. And if you’re this unhappy, changes need to be made. That sounds intimidating, and it might turn out to be hard, but it’s better than continuing to live the way you have been living. It’s better than accepting sadness as your constant state of being.

You are generally unhappy with yourself.

You are never going to be one hundred percent happy with yourself — but you shouldn’t hate yourself. You shouldn’t treat yourself like a punching bag. You shouldn’t feel like you deserve to be alone, deserve to be miserable, deserve all the bad things that have happened to you. You need to work on self-love and self-confidence because you are so much more special than you believe. You are lovable. You are valuable. You matter.

You never do anything for yourself and only exist to please others.

Although you should be proud of your ability to show up for others and comfort them when they need you, you need to start showing up for yourself in those same ways. You need to treat yourself with the same love and tenderness that you offer everyone else without question. Your needs matter too. You shouldn’t neglect them in order to cater to others. Live a little more selfishly in your next life chapter. Remember that what you want is important, even if no one else understands.

You have been prioritizing your work above everything else.

Your work is important because it pays the bills. Maybe you’re even one of the lucky ones who is doing something they care deeply about. But no matter how important your productivity levels are to you, your mental health should be more important. Your mental health should come first. You don’t want to put yourself through hell for a paycheck. You don’t want to be completely miserable for eight hours per day, five days a week. You need to be careful about how much you give to your job, and make sure you’re at the right job.

Your stress has been making every single day difficult.

From time to time, you are going to be placed in stressful situations. That can’t be avoided. However, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed every single moment of every single day. You need to make a change, whether that means starting to see a therapist, starting to cut out toxic influences, starting to set aside more me-time for yourself, or all of the above. Whatever you do, don’t continue going about your life in a way that is actively hurting you. You need to do something about it, even if you take baby steps at first.