5 Creepy Podcasts to Listen To This Halloween Season

If you’ve already binged through all the horror movies and true crime docs on every streaming service, you might want to try a podcast instead. And there are lots of super creepy podcasts out there to get you in the Halloween mood.

Here are five spooky, creepy, and downright weird podcasts to listen to this Halloween season.

1. Unexplained Mysteries

As you might expect from the name, this podcast explores mysterious events and stories that have no clear explanation. There’s an episode on the Holy Grail, one on Jack the Ripper, and another on the Silent Twins—you can pick whichever topic fascinates you most.

2. Supernatural

This podcast focuses on all kinds of bizarre phenomena—alien abductions, sleep paralysis demons, and Bigfoot. It provides realistic explanations, like undiagnosed mental illnesses, but it also acknowledges that there are certain aspects of the events that can only be explained by the supernatural.

3. The Strange and Unusual Podcast

This podcast combines retellings of super creepy fiction stories (such as “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Green Ribbon”) and the origins and inspirations behind them. For example, did you know that Edgar Allen Poe was inspired by a real life murder when he wrote “The Tell-Tale Heart?” Yikes.

4. Unsolved Mysteries

This is the podcast version of the TV show Unsolved Mysteries that started way back in 1987 and was recently rebooted on Netflix. Each episode covers a different mystery, from murders to hauntings to UFO sightings—plenty of spooky stuff to feed your Halloween cravings.

5. Superstitions

As the name implies, this podcast discusses where well-known superstitions came from. The podcast covers all kinds of superstitions, from those relevant to Halloween, such as the witch’s mark and familiars, to ones more innocuous, like why we celebrate birthdays. Each episode also contains a fictional story to demonstrate the superstitions.