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5 Journal Prompts To Help Steer You Through Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde has made its entrance once again (the second retrograde of 2023 comes to an end on September 15th), bringing with it a wave of introspection and some cosmic commotion.

But instead of feeling overwhelmed, let’s take this opportunity to delve into our inner selves.

Here are five journal prompts that will guide you through this Mercury retrograde with ease—well, with as much ease as Retrograde will allow.

What Patterns Do I Need To Release?

During Mercury retrograde, the cosmic energy is perfect for identifying those repetitive patterns that keep resurfacing in your life. Grab your journal and explore those recurring themes or habits that seem to have overstayed their welcome. Whether it’s self-doubt, procrastination, or a fear of change, acknowledging these patterns is the crucial first step towards freeing yourself from their grip.

What Am I Grateful For In My Relationships?

As Mercury dances in reverse, relationships might face their fair share of miscommunications. Flip the script by focusing on the positives. Dedicate a journal entry to the things you’re genuinely grateful for in your relationships. Whether it’s a ride-or-die friend, a soulful partner, or a supportive family member, recognizing and appreciating these aspects can help you weather any relationship storm.

What Goals Or Dreams Are Asking For My Attention?

Mercury retrograde isn’t just about looking back; it’s also a time to redirect your focus towards the future. Reflect on the goals, dreams, or aspirations that might have taken a back seat in the hustle of daily life. Use your journal to outline the steps you can take to bring these dreams back to the forefront of your priorities.

What Unfinished Business Needs To Be Revisited?

Mercury retrograde has a knack for bringing unfinished matters to the forefront. This is your chance to address those lingering to-dos, projects, or conversations you’ve been avoiding. Whether it’s a professional task, a personal ambition, or a heartfelt dialogue, giving attention to these loose ends will pave the way for fresh beginnings once the cosmic tides shift.

How Can I Nurture My Mind, Body, And Soul?

Self-care is non-negotiable during any cosmic shake-up. Write about the ways you can nurture your mind, body, and soul during this period. Whether it’s through meditation, exercise, healthy eating, or simply spending time in nature, make a commitment to prioritize your well-being. When you take care of yourself, you’re better equipped to handle any Mercury-induced curveballs.