5 Low Maintenance Houseplants That Help Ease Your Depression And Anxiety

Houseplants—well, plants in general—help boost your mood simply by recycling the air so you can breathe and think with greater clarity. Overall, this can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

They can be a much needed escape from the busy world around you, especially if you live in a crowded city. When you can’t get outside, you can still benefit from plants by creating your very own at-home green oasis. Plants are therapeutic. They add a touch of relaxation to your environment and improve your mental wellness. 

Studies show that indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. They reduce stress and boost your mood, making them ideal not only for your home but the office. Why not have a take-your-plant-to-work day, or week, or year?

Here are 5 low-maintenance houseplants to get you started.

1. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen can survive low-lit environments. It won’t be a challenge if you’re known to kill every plant you’ve ever owned. It helps remove toxins from the air and gives off oxygen, which can help clear your mind, help you think, and positively impact your mood.

2. Fern

Have you ever felt dryness in the air, making it hard to breathe? A fern plant is like a big humidifier. It helps relieve stress by putting moisture back into the environment and improving breathability. This bright green voluminous plant is not only functional but beautiful to look at.

3. English Ivy

The English ivy is a plant with long drooping leaves and vines. It can spiral along any area of your house. It’s not just another staple piece. It helps get rid of up to 94% of the mold in your home in as little as 12 hours. Mold affects your breathing, which can generally leave you feeling a bit more irritable. It can also increase symptoms of insomnia and depression. The English ivy can help keep those symptoms at bay.

4. Snake Plant

The snake plant is the ultimate beginner, low-maintenance houseplant. It stores water in its leaves… for the days you forget. It thrives on being watered only after being completely dry. Also, this plant is a good choice if you have limited space, as it grows upwards instead of outwards. This plant is excellent for detoxifying the air and getting rid of the toxins that impact sleep, mood, and energy levels.

5. Succulents

Last but certainly not least is the succulent. These plants look like tiny flowers and are aesthetically pleasing. They release oxygen in the night, improving sleep quality, leading to elevated moods, less stress, and tension. These plants are also highly resilient and don’t require you to be exemplary at handling them.

Use any one or combination of these houseplants to help boost your mood and help ease your depression and anxiety.